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Why you should take up Nordic walking


Walking with sticks (the so-called Nordic walking) was almost unknown to our compatriots for a long time. Today it is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Interest in Nordic walking is primarily due to its beneficial effect on the human body.


1. Disease prevention

Hiking in the fresh air is considered one of the best ways to improve the body. With Nordic walking, the effect is enhanced, as vigorous arm movements are added to the usual work of the legs, which create a load on the muscles of the chest, upper back and shoulder girdle.

Nordic walking classes help to normalize the work of the heart, increase the tone of the vascular walls. This reduces the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction. An hour of exercise has been found to lower blood pressure by 10 units.

According to statistics, in women walking with sticks at least 5 km a day, malignant neoplasms of the mammary glands are diagnosed 25% less often. In children and adolescents prone to scoliosis, such training improves the condition of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. Nordic walking classes tone up, activate the body's defenses. Fans of this sport until old age retain physical vigor and intellectual activity.


2. Simplicity and accessibility

Nordic walking is available for people of all ages, it is a good option for family training. You can do it anywhere (near your home, in the nearest park or square), without wasting extra time on the road to the place of training. It is not difficult for a working person to choose a convenient moment for classes during the day.

Nordic walking classes are not associated with the need to use expensive equipment. Walking technique has its own characteristics, but learning how to walk correctly is not difficult. The help of a paid instructor is not required for this.

Why you should take up Nordic walking



3. Stress management

Nordic walking is usually done in a group. An energetic walk in the company of friendly, affable people cheers up, distracts from family, industrial and domestic problems. Fresh air soothes, improves appetite and sleep. The specificity of training makes it one effective way to deal with the effects of nervous stress.


4. Ability to lose weight

When practicing Nordic walking, loads capture almost 90% of the muscles of the human body. For an hour of training, the body loses up to 700 kcal. That is why such classes are recommended for people suffering from diabetes and a tendency to obesity.


5. Security

As a type of physical activity, Nordic walking has practically no contraindications. The person himself chooses the pace of the walk, the intensity of hand movements when pushing with sticks, as well as the complexity and length of the route. The ability to dose the load depending on the state of health makes classes safe even for very elderly and not very healthy people.

Why you should take up Nordic walking



When starting Nordic walking, you should consult with your doctor. He will tell you what loads to start with and how to gradually increase them without harming your health. In any case, walking with sticks will help strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels, maintain a normal weight and cope with stress. With complete safety, this is one of the most effective ways to improve the body.

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