The main secrets of youth from different countries

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Let's agree right away: every person is young as long as he feels young, as long as he is young at heart and feels an interest in life. Taking into account the opportunities that today opens up for us, you can feel young and energetic even up to 100 years.

But here the question arises: how to visualize your internal state? How to harmonize the inner world and outer appearance? In the end, a person is harmonious only when all the components are balanced!

There is only one answer: to look so that you are perceived as young without any reservations! Fiction? Given the chances that modern medicine and cosmetology gives us, not at all. And by the way, it's not just them. However, let's get it right!

7 main secrets of youth
  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Skin care
  3. Physical activity
  4. Psychological attitude
  5. Intellectual activity
  6. To give up smoking
  7. Alcohol restriction

This list is relevant, perhaps, for all mankind. However, in different countries they make their own adjustments to its implementation, taking into account the availability of certain food ingredients, certain health procedures, and the cultural traditions of the nation.


1. Proper nutrition

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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The human body is built from the building material that comes with food. Excess fat is deposited on the stomach and sides, and the lack of meat and other protein foods will not allow you to pump up muscles and form the coveted "cubes" of the abdominal press.

Therefore, a balanced diet is the main guarantee that the human body can stay in good shape for as long as possible. The greatest interest in this regard is Japanese cuisine, because the Japanese retain a toned figure, little different from youthful, even at the age of over 70.

Food Secrets from Japan
  • Small portions
  • Seasonal vegetables, fruits
  • Freshly caught fish
  • Preference for fresh (not frozen and canned)
  • Minimum required heat treatment to preserve vitamins and minerals
  • The abundance of seafood in the diet (clams, jellyfish, algae, seaweed, etc.)
  • Daily consumption of rice
  • Minimum milk and dairy products (no more than 100 grams per day)
  • Preference for chicken meat as opposed to beef, pork, etc.
  • Preference for green tea versus black tea and coffee

By the way, Japan ranks second in the world in per capita consumption of fish and seafood: 2 kg per person per year. More only in South Korea: 53,3 kg per person per year. We will return to South Korea later, but for now we will notice that the Japanese diet largely overlaps with the Mediterranean one. Read more about the Mediterranean diet in our article "Mediterranean diet – a model of healthy eating".

The difference is only in the greater love of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean for wine and more liberties in the diet. So, the Italians love not too, as is commonly believed, healthy pizza, spaghetti, pasta, lasagna, the French cannot imagine their cuisine without sweet croissants, cheese and strong coffee, both of them practice a late dinner.

However, Italian and French women look young at any age and practically do not gain excess weight. The secret is the same as that of the Japanese: fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood rich in iodine and having antioxidant properties. In addition, Mediterranean cuisine uses spicy spices that speed up metabolism and prevent weight gain. So even a very high-calorie lasagne with a sharper seasoning does not interfere with maintaining a figure and looking young for many years.

They also love spicy food in South Korea. The most famous Korean dish in Europe is Korean carrot, and Koreans actively season meat, vegetables, fish and mushrooms with pepper, onion, mustard. It also contributes to a good metabolism and the preservation of youth. Therefore, it is quite logical that Koreans live an average of 83 years and are well preserved in appearance. The Japanese live an average of 85 years.


2. Skin care

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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In addition to physique, a person's "visual age" is affected by the condition of his skin. First of all, facial skin, because the face is open at any time of the year. If we briefly summarize the essence of skin care practiced around the world, we get two fundamental principles: timely and thorough cleaning and mandatory moisturizing. But how to achieve this – in different places on the planet Earth there are secrets.

Here, again, Japan is in the lead, because the Japanese (and especially the Japanese!) are famous for their impeccably clean skin. This effect is largely achieved through a healthy diet, since the food consumed directly affects the condition of the skin. In addition to this, the Japanese protect themselves from direct sunlight in the summer with closed clothing and umbrellas (read more about this in our article "Sunlight causes photoaging of the skin")

So, what interesting things do different cultures offer us in terms of maintaining youthful skin? What do they have in common and what are the differences?

Tips for Keeping Youthful Skin
  • Facial cleansing with milk and finger massage (Japan)
  • Facial cleansing with gel and massage movements with fingers, use of rice-infused water for washing (China)
  • Facial cleansing with carboxylic acid products using sponges and minimal contact between fingers and face (South Korea)
  • Ayurvedic powders based on natural ingredients added to any other cleaning products (India)
  • Micellar water that does not require rinsing (France)
  • Cleansing cream, the remains of which are removed with the so-called "hot towel", i.e. a towel dipped in hot water (England, Australia)
  • Cleansing and care products based on olive oil (Italy, Greece)
  • Cleansing and care products based on argan oil (Morocco)
  • Milk baths with the addition of honey at a temperature of 37 degrees, the so-called. "Cleopatra's Secret" (Egypt)
  • Products based on coconut oil and coconut juice (Brazil and other countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia where coconuts grow)

As you can see, skin care products based on ingredients available in the region help the best. This is no coincidence, because using plant components from their climatic zone, people are more insured against allergic reactions that can harm the skin.

In countries with more severe climates, fortified skin care products are preferred to maintain youthful skin. First of all, containing vitamin C. All these measures, coupled with self-massage and meditation, will become a real yoga for the face, which will prolong your youth.


3. Physical activity

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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Movement is life, movement is youth. Therefore, if you want to look younger – move! This is general advice from experts of all levels and people who have managed to keep their youth. Almost any type of physical activity is suitable: walking and swimming, cycling, running, Nordic walking.

Of course, there are some regional differences in preferred activities. So, in countries with a warm climate and snowless winters, people massively ride a bike almost all year round. Yoga is traditionally popular in India, martial arts in Japan, and in the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland with its ski resorts, a significant part of the population prefers skiing.

Top 10 sports countries
  • USA
  • Russia
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Spain
  • Italy

Let us clarify that the rating method takes into account success in big-time sports and the accessibility of mass physical culture to the population, including the provision of sports grounds and stadiums. As you can see, most of the countries from this top 10 have already shared with us some of the secrets of maintaining youth and active longevity.


4. Psychological attitude

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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The fact that emotions are reflected on the face and affect the physical condition of a person has long been no secret. So the advice of doctors and psychologists from different countries will be international. All of them recommend filling life with positive, learning to control your thoughts, not get angry, not envy, and enjoy communicating with nice people and doing what you love, whether it's work or a hobby.

Differences are observed in the way to achieve the desired psychological attitude. If in India it is still the same yoga, then in Western countries it is fashionable to visit a personal psychologist, consult with a coach, and work with relaxation techniques.


5. Intellectual activity

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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And intellectual activity and a good education help to preserve youth. British scientists have come to the conclusion that people without higher education age faster. Studies were conducted at the DNA level, and scientists found that people with low educational qualifications age the cells of the body faster. The sample size was more than 400 people aged 53–75 years. More on this topic is described in the article "Why smart people live longer?".

In general, this conclusion is consistent with the conclusions of practitioners who argue that in order to prevent the aging process and the development of senile brain diseases, intellectual activity is needed: chess, music, reading, learning foreign languages. It is quite logical that a person with a higher education is more likely to take on the study of a new foreign language or mastering a new musical instrument than a poorly educated individual.


6. Stop smoking

The main secrets of youth from different countries

We will not talk much about quitting smoking as a factor that allows you to maintain health and youth – a lot has been said before us, so let the one who hears hear. Let's just say that if a smoker stops smoking before the age of 35, his previous smoking history will not affect his health, life expectancy, or how young he looks.

Of course, most tobacco users sooner or later develop health problems. Not only smokers themselves suffer, but also their loved ones. However, this applies not only to tobacco lovers, but also to hookah.

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No more than 7% of smokers can give up this habit without the help of doctors – those whose metabolic characteristics allow them to endure quitting tobacco without experiencing almost any discomfort. Other people who decide to quit smoking face serious problems.

For those who cannot quit smoking, we recommend switching to vaping, which can completely replace regular cigarettes, and be used by smokers to reduce harm to themselves and others from smoking or quit smoking completely. Scientists in some countries have come to the conclusion that electronic cigarettes are safer than conventional ones.

Despite the tightening of anti-tobacco legislation, smoking cessation worldwide is unlikely, in connection with which Philip Morris International announced that it has created a product that is less harmful than conventional cigarettes – IQOS. IQOS is a popular innovative alternative to traditional smoking. It is based on the heating of tobacco, and therefore the level of harmful substances emitted in the IQOS aerosol is on average 95% lower than in cigarette smoke.

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7. Restriction of alcohol

The main secrets of youth from different countries

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The main reason for alcohol consumption is not craving for alcohol, not the substance itself, but customs, traditions, rituals, conventions, social and cultural norms.

Many drink alcohol for medicinal purposes, considering it a remedy for all diseases. They drink for appetite, for colds and fever, for toothache and headaches, for diarrhea and depression. However, there are also a large number of people who do not drink at all.

The range of opinions ranges from an absolute conviction in the benefits and the need to drink, to a complete conscious denial of drinking. Between these polar opinions, there are many intermediate options, such as drinking on holidays, drinking like everyone else, drinking culturally or in moderation. Some consumers use alcohol not for intoxication, but only for symbolic purposes. Well, about 7% of people have a physiological intolerance to ethanol.

Of course, alcohol is unhealthy and everyone has heard about it. But not everything is so simple – alcoholic beverages can be beneficial to health, depending on what you drink and in what doses. For example, wine can be truly healthy if consumed wisely and in moderation.

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These are the top 7 secrets of youth. Quit smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and negative emotions, eat right and move more. And then the secrets of youth will cease to be secrets for you!


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