Male and female complexes

A psychological complex can develop in any person even from one careless word. It seems that women have much more complexes than men, but the point is the emotionality of the former. If a woman is hooked on something, she is unlikely to hide her feelings. A man, most likely, will accumulate all this in himself for years, which can then result in alcoholism and other addictions. Let's look at male and female complexes and find out what both sexes react so painfully to.

The complex in everyday understanding is equated to an inferiority complex. Complexes reflect an incorrect or distorted self-image. As a rule, they are all far-fetched, but getting rid of them may require the help of a psychologist.

So, what kind of sex complexes exist and what conclusions can be drawn from all this? Let's look at them one by one and draw some conclusions.

Male and female complexes


Male complexes


1. Napoleon Complex

Yes, now some historians claim that Napoleon was not so low (181 cm), but the complex itself is inextricably linked with the French commander. They are subject to short men who try to compensate for their lack of growth with their achievements, which may be the desire to conquer the whole world or at least become the president of a company. It is believed that they have a conscious and subconscious hatred of tall men. It can get to the point that men suffering from the Napoleon complex begin to interfere in every possible way with their high brothers in their careers and personal lives.


2. Kotovsky complex

When a man has the first signs of baldness, they shave their head “under Kotovsky”. In this way, they hide their fear of baldness and hope that they will pass off their haircut as a new style.


3. Hercules complex

One of the most controversial complexes. It is expressed in unwillingness and complete rejection to do housework, cook or clean. Such men believe that this humiliates them. Women, on the other hand, think that this is just laziness. It has not yet been proven which of them is right.


4. Othello Complex

This is the pathological jealousy of a man for a woman. A man, as it were, is not sure of his woman, although in fact he is not sure of himself. Therefore, in addition to the Othello complex, he has dozens of others. He is very afraid that a woman will cheat on him, and the very thought of this fills him with hatred, pain and aggression. He establishes total control and arranges endless interrogations and constantly finds fault.


5. Don Quixote Complex

Such a man is looking for an ideal and even sometimes finds it. However, this is not the meaning of his existence – he is disappointed and goes in search of another ideal. The meaning of his life is not to find the ideal and be happy, but in the struggle and eternal search. And since the ultimate goal will never be achieved, it is fraught with various types of disorders, and they only multiply with time.


6. Complex boss

Relatives and friends inspire him that he must be a real man, strong, lead others. These seemingly correct suggestions take an unexpected turn when this man gets a job and realizes that he has to obey the demands of others. The world is collapsing and some men are having a hard time at this stage in their lives. Some begin to rebel, which often ends rather sadly. The image of the ideal self that lives inside sometimes never comes out, which is fraught with a large number of complexes, and yes, it can also lead to alcoholism.


Women's complexes


1. Fear of being alone

Women fear loneliness more than men. The fear of being alone leads to many neuroses, and also becomes the cause of many life mistakes. Some women do not recognize this fear and look very happy on the outside, but if you dig deeper, you can understand how desperately they want a family, a husband and children.


2. Excess weight

This complex is sometimes so strong that it causes fear, paralyzing a woman so much that it forms an acquired helplessness. A woman is afraid of extra pounds, but since she is too afraid of them (besides, she unsuccessfully dropped them several times), she gives up.

Excess weight is a complex of appearance and it is this fear that is the strongest for women.


3. Guilt complex

Women are more receptive and emotional, therefore the same words spoken to a man and a woman are perceived by the latter more painfully. It is much easier to cause a guilt complex in an emotional person than in a logical person. The woman herself draws too simple conclusions, which drives herself into this state even more: “I was half an hour late for kindergarten, my son had to wait for me to pick him up. I'm a bad mother." The desire to rush to extremes leads to the fact that a woman behaves either too indifferently, or suffers from guilt for any reason.


4. Cinderella Complex

As a child, many girls are exposed to stories and fairy tales about handsome princes and an ideal life. They play mother-daughter, watch cartoons and films about beautiful and ideal love. As a result, the structure of the now famous “Expectation is reality” meme arises, which can lead to simple disappointment at best and more serious consequences at worst. It turns out that there are few princes, but many contenders. Yes, and in fact, the princes are with great shortcomings.


5. Procrustes complex

In the modern world, plastic surgeons are called Procrustes. Of course, they have not yet learned how to stretch their legs, and laws do not allow cutting them off, but they know how to fit a woman’s appearance to the generally accepted framework. If a man has a big nose, he may grieve a little, and then even begin to be proud of him. This can drive a woman into eternal depression, which will eventually go into the subconscious with unpredictable consequences. Any external flaw (imaginary or not) haunts its owner for a long time. And if you do not inspire such a woman that this is actually her dignity, there can be big problems.


6. Fear of being compared to others

Women rarely forgive men for comparisons with others. This is considered bad manners. However, women themselves often do just that – they compare themselves to other women. This comparison can sometimes be beneficial if it is sound, but it can also destroy life if it goes to extremes. Even if chaos and devastation reign in a woman’s house, she goes out to the public in all her splendor, because she understands that she, too, will be compared. And there are many competitors in this fight, so not a single puncture can be allowed.

There is nothing wrong with comparing yourself to other people (no matter what they tell you), you just need to do it right – learn to be observant, even unemotional.


Of course, we have not considered all the complexes, because there are quite a large number of them. What conclusion can be drawn from all this? Both men and women are afraid of losing their external attractiveness. For a woman, a public image is incredibly important, while a man seeks, above all, to realize his talents. A woman is afraid of loneliness, and a man wants adventure. Men and women are similar in their attitude towards competitors – the desire to get rid of them by any means and become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Nevertheless, the world is changing, and the upbringing of children is also changing, so it is quite possible that in a couple of decades many complexes will be strikingly different (if they do not change places at all).

Male and female complexes