Problems of geeks – a high price for unique abilities

Being a child prodigy is not as pleasant as some people think. While gifted children in their development are ahead of the "average" children in many ways, their own development can be uneven. For example, their mental development (especially speech) often far exceeds their emotional and personal development. Therefore, adults should not set unrealistic tasks in the sensory field for gifted children, based only on the fact that they are mentally developed beyond their years. At the same time, teachers of gifted children should take an individual approach to them.

For many centuries, geeks have amazed both scientists and ordinary people with their amazing, and sometimes even supernatural abilities to comprehend things that go beyond the understanding of not only ordinary people, but even the most educated professors.

But usually children have to pay a high price for a unique gift. The glory of many geeks was very short-lived, they disappeared from sight, most often without justifying the high hopes placed on them. Alas, it is not uncommon for impatient parents, hoping to capitalize on the talents of their children, overloaded them too much, did not leave their offspring time for the simple joys of childhood, and this led to both bodily and mental ailments.

Quite often, the work of teachers with talented children resembles sports competitions: whose pupil will finish school the earliest, will receive a prestigious award, who will release such pupils the most...

Problems of geeks – a high price for unique abilities

Do not lag behind teachers and some parents. Other ambitious mothers and fathers bring their child to a nervous breakdown, sincerely believing that many hours of exhausting classes will help him and further develop his gift. Forcing a child to live in a constant regime of increased loads and demands, exploiting only one side of his capabilities, they, often without suspecting it themselves, act as great inquisitors not only for the development of the child's personality, but also for his talent.

There is an opinion that each person is given a certain resource of opportunities. It often happens that child prodigies squander their God-given talent in childhood, becoming ordinary people by the age of twenty. The disappearance of the usual halo of genius in a former child prodigy often leads to severe mental trauma.

Parents of child prodigies (if they care about the child, and not about their selfish interests or vanity) should consider whether to deprive the child of a happy childhood for the sake of the supposed prospect of future achievements. And you can try to determine whether your child belongs to geeks or not, using next test.