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It would seem that the health benefits of active sports are undeniable. However, American scientists warn that before starting classes, representatives of the strong half of humanity should think carefully.

Active sports activities

As a result of research, it was found that regular endurance exercise can help reduce the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body.

Its level in intensively training men is only about 60-85% of the testosterone level in those who prefer moderate exercise. A number of studies show that vigorous exercise can negatively affect male fertility due to a decrease in sperm production. It is also noted that the lack of this hormone in the body leads to a decrease in sexual desire. For example, runners maintain low testosterone levels even while resting. It is possible that this is a sign of "overtraining".

Active sports activities

There is still no exact data on how long it takes for the testosterone level to begin to decline in the body. Some scientists suggest that a month to six months of intensive sports may be enough to start this process. Therefore, it is advisable for men to think about whether to continue active sports or be a little more moderate.