"Dove" – ​​a characteristic of a person's chronotype


The body of each person is unique and functions according to its own biological clock, and not according to generally accepted norms and standards. Belonging to a certain chronotype determines the maximum level of your physical and intellectual activity during the day, in other words, the level of your effective performance.

There are 3 main chronotypes:

  • skylark (morning);
  • dove (daytime);
  • owl (evening).

We recommend that you take a simple psychological test to determine which chronotype you belong to – Determine your chronotype: "lark", "dove" or "owl".

The statistical number of people with the pigeon chronotype is 51% of the total population. "Doves" are the middle link between "larks" and "owls", the so-called arrhythmics.



Pigeons wake up relatively easily at the sound of an alarm. The morning rise is energetic and vigorous both at 7 am on weekdays and at 10 am on weekends.

"Dove" – ​​a characteristic of a person's chronotype

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Physical activity

The physical activity of arrhythmics is uniform throughout the day without sharp rises or falls and lasts from 10 am to 18 pm. Pigeons have the longest period of wakefulness – up to 17 hours a day. However, an afternoon rest for an hour will be useful for restoring vitality.


Intellectual activity

The mental activity of the "pigeons" is uniform throughout the day, without noticeable ups or downs, and is fruitful from 10 am to 18 pm.



Since the "pigeons" are of mixed chronotype, they get up a little later than the "larks" and go to bed earlier than the "owls" – around 23 pm. "Doves" are physically active during the day and feel very tired in the evening, so they do not suffer from sleep disorders, but fall asleep easily and at the same minute as soon as the head touches the pillow.



The body of the "pigeons" are in good shape during the day without pronounced rises in physical activity, so the choice of the optimal time for training depends on well-being and the availability of free time. In the morning, the most effective cardio workouts will be between 7 and 9 am (jogging, cycling, swimming, step aerobics). Strength training and fitness classes are most effective in the evening until 20 pm, and after strength training, stretching and Pilates will help relax the muscles and calm the nervous system.

"Dove" – ​​a characteristic of a person's chronotype

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"Doves" are able to adapt not only to any daily routine, but also to any diet. In the morning, "pigeons" are ideally suited for a diet like that of "larks", as they wake up with excellent appetite and can afford a hearty and hearty breakfast. The morning menu should consist of dishes, which must include:

  • proteins (scrambled eggs with ham, scrambled eggs with vegetables, sandwiches with ham and cheese, salad with chicken breast, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheesecakes);
  • carbohydrates and fiber (oatmeal or rice cereal with fruits and nuts, spring rolls, spring rolls (croissants), muffins, croutons, fresh vegetable salad, fruit salad);
  • freshly squeezed juice, cocoa, green or black tea.

Lunch should be complete and healthy, so proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the main components of the lunch diet. For the first course, you should cook chicken, fish, vegetable or mushroom soup, for the second – baked meat, poultry or fish with a side dish (boiled vegetables, potatoes or durum wheat pasta) and a salad of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Arrhythmics prefer a late dinner, because they go to bed closer to midnight. For them, an evening diet designed for "owls" would be appropriate. The evening menu should include low-calorie, high-protein meals:

  • lean fish, rabbit, turkey or veal, steamed or baked, cottage cheese, eggs;
  • small amount of fiber (fresh fruits and vegetables).

A dinner consisting of protein meals is much preferable to meals that consist of complex or simple carbohydrates. The benefits of proteins are obvious, since they are involved in the restoration of body cells during sleep, while carbohydrates, which supply the body with energy, remain unclaimed at night, and as a result automatically accumulate in the body in the form of body fat. The optimal duration of dinner should be no more than 20 minutes 2-3 hours before bedtime, and it is advisable to exclude flour, fried and smoked foods, convenience foods, fatty sauces and sweets from the diet.

Contrary to the advice on proper nutrition, “pigeons” like to eat fatty and high-calorie food or takeaway fast food in chain cafes, so one can only be surprised at the stamina and endurance of the “pigeons” digestive system. The main thing is that representatives of this chronotype do not get carried away with junk food and do not overeat, especially when they experience stress and chronic fatigue.


Social adaptation

The chronotype of "pigeons" is mixed and most adapted to the modern rhythm of life. The generally accepted work schedule of organizations and institutions is ideally suited to the biorhythms of "pigeons". Moreover, arrhythmics can painlessly adapt to any mode of operation, while maintaining activity and high performance.

Since the physical activity of the "pigeons" remains uniform throughout the day, representatives of this chronotype choose professions associated with physical labor: builders, workers employed in automated processes, drivers, farmers, veterinarians. A distinctive feature of the character of arrhythmics is sociability, friendliness and tact, so necessary for working with children and adolescents. In this regard, the choice of the profession of a teacher, educator and sports coach is most suitable for representatives of this chronotype.

"Dove" – ​​a characteristic of a person's chronotype

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The good health of the "pigeons" can only be envied. However, when they adjust to an unusual regime for a long time, they begin to experience psychological discomfort, which sooner or later leads to nervous exhaustion and prolonged depression.

You can restore and strengthen your health, as well as find peace of mind, only if you draw up a training program and the right diet that is fully consistent with your chronotype.

Author: Vivid Gray