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Liver Cleansing Products

With age, harmful substances accumulate in the human body. We get them with food and water, by inhaling polluted air, taking medications, using household chemicals and cosmetics. A significant part of the toxins settles in the liver, the main function of which is the constant purification of the blood. This organ begins to act up, like any clogged filter, and its efficiency decreases.

Due to clogging of the liver, a general deterioration in well-being usually occurs. Immunity decreases, sleep is disturbed, there is a feeling of constant fatigue and apathy. Intoxication is not reflected in the best way on appearance: dark circles appear under the eyes, the skin acquires an unhealthy grayish-yellow hue. Hair becomes dull, nails become brittle. There is a loss of activity and interest in life.

Obviously, the liver needs to be cleaned periodically. At the heart of all cleaning methods is the idea of ​​​​activating the process of bile secretion and removing accumulated toxins. However, the implementation of this principle may be different. Aggressive procedures associated with a single intake of large portions of castor or olive oil, enemas, etc., not only require preliminary preparation of the body and some amount of free time, but also have a fairly wide list of contraindications. In addition, the effectiveness of many of these tools raises doubts among experts.

The constant inclusion in the diet of products that help cleanse the liver does not provide a quick effect. But this method is available, soft and quite acceptable even in the presence of chronic ailments. We offer a list of such products to the attention of readers.


1. Walnuts

Liver cleanse products: Walnuts

They contain arginine, which helps the liver reduce the harmful effects of ammonia. In addition, walnuts contain glutathione. This substance is involved in the neutralization of many toxins and is normally produced by the liver. With a strong slagging, it is enough to eat 2-3 nuts daily to provide the body with the necessary amount of glutathione.

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2. Grapefruit

Liver Cleansing Products: Grapefruit

Most liver cleanses involve taking lemon juice or another source of acid, which acts as a choleretic agent. There are a lot of organic acids in grapefruit, but its main advantage is not in this, but in the presence of naringenin, which stimulates the destruction of fats accumulated by the liver and normalizes glucose metabolism.

There is only one inconvenience: the named flavonoid is found mainly not in the pulp of grapefruit, but in bitter-tasting films that cover the slices. However, the body requires little naringenin, so it is enough to eat unpeeled 1-2 slices from each fruit.

People suffering from hypotension should use grapefruit with caution: the fruits have a pronounced hypotensive effect.


3. Onions and garlic

Liver Cleansing Products: Onion and Garlic

The peculiar taste and smell of these vegetables is associated with the presence of allicin in them. This sulfur compound has an extremely beneficial effect on the liver, helps it cope with intoxication, and has a bactericidal property.

Onions contain allicin in the form of an essential oil, which is quickly absorbed by the body. In garlic, this substance is formed only when the cell walls are destroyed. Therefore, those dishes that contain garlic cloves in grated, cut or crushed form are useful for the liver.


4. Green tea

Liver cleanse products: Green tea

Drinking green tea helps to activate the fat burning process. The product contains catechins – natural antioxidants that help destroy and remove harmful substances from the body.


5. Turmeric

Liver cleanse products: Turmeric

The yellow pigment curcumin, which is part of the spice, has anti-cancer activity, promotes the regeneration of damaged liver cells, enhances the production of bile and digestive enzymes.

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6. Avocado

Liver Cleansing Products: Avocado

Avocado contains natural stimulants that activate the production of glutathione by the liver. In addition, this fruit is one of the means that help the body get rid of excess calories.

Many do not like avocados, but it is desirable to include it in the diet. The specific taste of the fruit can be neutralized by preparing a spicy snack or sauce from it.

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7. Whole grain oats

Liver Cleansing Products: Whole grain oats

Unpeeled oats contain substances that have a powerful choleretic and detoxifying effect.

There are two ways to use the product: drink jelly from dry grains or eat raw sprouted oats (for example, in the form of a salad seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil). In the second case, in addition to compounds that improve the condition of the liver, the body receives a solid dose of vitamins and biologically active substances that increase the overall tone and activate the immune system.

The use of whole oats has another significant plus: the absence of contraindications (except for individual intolerance).


8. Pumpkin

Liver cleanse products: Pumpkin

Pumpkin has a pronounced choleretic and diuretic effect, promotes the regeneration of damaged hepatocytes (liver cells), prevents their death in cirrhosis and hepatitis of various origins.

To prepare a preparation that cleanses the liver, the top is cut off from the pumpkin, the seeds are removed and fresh honey is poured into the fruit. After ten days of exposure in a warm place, the liquid is drained and put in the refrigerator. It is taken for three weeks in a tablespoon three times a day.

Pumpkin should not be used to cleanse the liver for people suffering from diabetes, gastritis or peptic ulcer (in the acute stage).

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9. Apples

Liver cleanse products: Apples

Cleansing the liver in this case is provided by a combination of the choleretic action of organic acids and the influence of pectin, which helps to bind decay products and remove them from the body.

Apples are very available and inexpensive. Treatment has practically no contraindications. The most effective on the liver are baked apples (especially sour varieties), cooked with honey, cranberries, lingonberries or nuts.

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10. Olive oil

Liver cleanse products: Olive oil

The method of cleansing the liver with olive oil and lemon juice is considered a classic. Unfortunately, the procedure is not easily tolerated by everyone. However, it is not necessary to use shock doses of oil.

Soft, gradual cleansing provides even one tablespoon of the product, taken daily on an empty stomach. Many people use this method continuously for several years, maintaining a healthy liver. Side effects of this treatment have not been recorded.


11. Cauliflower and Broccoli

Liver cleanse foods: Cauliflower and broccoli

Both types of cabbage contain a rich set of vitamins and other biologically active components, useful fiber, have a choleretic effect, improve the condition of liver cells and optimize metabolism.

Nutritionists advise eating these vegetables 3-4 times a week in boiled form. In addition, it is recommended to periodically eat raw broccoli: its heads are covered with a kind of "pollen", which includes substances that have a powerful activating effect on most metabolic processes in the body.



Cleansing the liver involves avoiding alcohol, fried, spicy and fatty foods, as well as fast food and canned food. During the period of detoxification, you should eat fractionally, eating in small portions 5-6 times a day. You can not fall asleep with a feeling of hunger, actively engage in sports, experience serious physical and emotional stress. Then the process of cleaning the liver will bring maximum benefit and will contribute to the comprehensive improvement of the body.


Best Liver Cleanse Products

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