Why sausages, meat and fish products cause aging


The quality of nutrition is essential for human health and longevity. What we eat determines how long we live and how good our life will be in terms of health.

Improper nutrition and low socioeconomic status accelerates biological aging and predisposes to the earlier onset of various diseases.

Low-income segments of the population regularly eat cheap products (mainly meat: sausages, sausages, sausages, dumplings, meatballs) containing a large amount of food additives. Dietary phosphate in the blood is often the cause of premature aging and kidney disease. This is confirmed by a scientific study conducted in Scotland back in 2016 (link to the research), and since then little has changed in the manufacture of the aforementioned food products.

Why sausages, meat and fish products cause aging


Other scientific studies suggest that phosphate supplements cause accelerated aging.

These natural chemicals are found in many of the foods we eat, but ingesting large doses of artificial phosphate depletes telomeres, the structures at the ends of human chromosomes that are responsible for life span and help protect us from cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer.

Scientific evidence shows a link between poor nutrition and accelerated aging.

A similar association between accelerated aging and nutrition has been demonstrated by other recent studies examining the effects of dietary phosphate intake, which have shown that inorganic dietary phosphate toxicity accelerates aging in mammals.

Phosphates are naturally present in staple foods, including meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and vegetables.

Supplementation with inorganic dietary phosphate leads to a marked increase in serum phosphate levels. In humans, phosphate levels are regulated by vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and FGF23-Klotho.

Why sausages, meat and fish products cause aging


High levels of phosphate derived from dietary supplements are associated with higher risks of all-cause mortality, premature vascular aging, and cardiovascular mortality.

Exogenous dietary phosphates have a cytotoxic effect – a damaging effect of substances on the body through the formation of deep structural and functional changes in cells, leading to their death.

A high level of exogenous dietary phosphate in the blood is the cause of various metabolic diseases.

Obviously, this is precisely the mechanism of accelerated biological aging.

Why sausages, meat and fish products cause aging


Although higher-affluent citizens also eat a variety of phosphate-fortified meats, their diets are significantly richer in vegetables, herbs, and fruits, which helps mitigate the side effects of eating phosphate. It is the excessive consumption of meat products with insufficient consumption of vegetables and fruits that has a negative effect on health and leads to accelerated aging.

Red meat itself is harmful to humans. We have previously linked red meat consumption to an increased risk of cancer and overall mortality, as, for example, in the article "What is the harm of red meat".

This is backed up by a number of studies, and recent scientific evidence also shows higher risks of cardiovascular disease.

Food phosphates are used in the food industry as moisture-binding agents used in the processing of meat, fish, in the production of processed cheese and condensed milk, canned food, as well as a baking powder in the production of confectionery.

The use of food phosphates allows producers to increase the volume of output without increasing the amount of meat, by adding water and retaining it in the product.

The presence of food phosphates in products can be determined by the label, which indicates the composition. They are hidden under the following numbers with the letter E:

  • E338 – phosphoric acid
  • E339 – sodium phosphate
  • E340 – potassium phosphate
  • E341 – calcium phosphate
  • E342 – ammonium phosphate
  • E343 – magnesium phosphate
  • E450 – pyrophosphate
  • E451 – triphosphate
  • E452 – polyphosphate

If you care about your health and want to live long, try not to buy industrially prepared food in stores, especially sausages, meat and fish semi-finished products and canned food!

It is very important to consume a sufficient amount of vegetables, herbs and fruits all year round.