Why You Should Enrich Your Diet with Fiber

This article focuses on the beneficial effects that fiber has on human health. We will also tell readers which foods contain the maximum amount of fiber and how to provide your body with fiber.

6 healing properties of basil

Basil has a strong pleasant smell and a specific fresh taste, thanks to which it has firmly taken its place on the tables of most of us. Today we will talk about the therapeutic effect of basil on the human body.

The benefits of vitamin D for our health

Recently, vitamin D has become a particularly popular topic of scientific research. New research is discovering new and varied benefits of vitamin D for the human body. These benefits will be discussed in this article.

Meditation as a way to improve health and increase life expectancy

Modern science sees meditation as a way to relax and reduce stress, improve memory, concentration and mood, as well as a real way to increase life expectancy.

8 facts about the benefits of laughter

Have you heard that laughter prolongs life? Researchers have not yet been able to establish a direct link between longevity and sincere fun, but several facts confirming the beneficial effects of laughter on health are clinically proven.

Nuts as an essential component of a healthy diet

All nuts are rich in unsaturated fats, proteins and various nutrients, contain essential vitamins and minerals that provide a number of health benefits.

Non-drug treatments for depression

It is not for nothing that depression is considered one of the main troubles of our century: for scientific and technological progress, the acceleration of the pace of life and the availability of information flows, we are forced to pay with constant stress and weakening of the body's defenses...

Choosing cosmetics and perfumes competently | Possible harmful ingredients

It can be very disappointing when the purchased perfumery and cosmetic products not only do not live up to expectations, but also become the cause of health problems. Sources of troubles of this kind and ways to avoid them, we will consider in this article...

Why red meat is bad

Humans differ in their chemical composition from other mammals. It is this difference that is associated with many human diseases. So the constant consumption of red meat negatively affects the functioning of our immune system.

Cooking in foil is bad

Often food-grade aluminum foil is used to bake fish, meat or vegetables. This way of cooking has potential health hazards due to the fact that foil aluminum easily goes into food, especially when heated...

Glycation of body proteins: what is dangerous and how to avoid?

Glucose is essential for the normal functioning of our body. But its excess has a side effect – glycation of body proteins, which leads to early aging, wrinkling, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Why You Should Start Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is a product that can make a significant contribution to human health. The rich vitamin composition of the oil makes it the number one remedy for many diseases, including deadly...

Undoubted health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric contains the active substance curcumin, which has a strong positive effect on human life expectancy and is truly a spice of health and longevity. Read more about it in this article...

Chronic fatigue syndrome: causes and treatment

Residents of large cities often suffer from a disease that is now known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This disease affects people belonging to various socio-demographic groups and living on all continents.

Footwear anti-rating | How to choose the right shoes

Modern shoes are extremely diverse and beautiful. However, when buying shoes, many of us think little about their safety. Meanwhile, many popular models can cause significant harm to our health...

How tourists can stay healthy while on vacation

On a trip abroad, you may encounter diseases that will not only spoil your long-awaited vacation, but also force you to be treated for many months after it. What health hazards await vacationers and how to protect yourself from them? …

Why and how often to go to the bath?

Regular bathing significantly reduces mortality from cardiovascular problems. Moreover, studies show that the higher the frequency of visits, the greater the benefit. Why this is so will be discussed in this article...

Causes of obesity in modern man

Obesity is now called the disease of the XXI century. What caused the growth in the number of obese people on the planet? How not to get into their ranks? Consider the main prerequisites for increasing body weight in modern conditions...

Hormesis and its positive impact on health

Our body, like all living organisms, has a survival mechanism. The responses of our body to the effects of the external environment, or rather small doses of harmful effects, are collected in a single concept called "hormesis"

Air ionizer: what are its health benefits?

Air ionizers are designed to generate negative ions in order to eliminate pollutants from the air in apartments and offices, as well as allergens, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Read more about it in this article...

9 useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke is rich in vitamins, fiber, inulin, pectin and fructose, as well as mineral salts of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, zinc and silicon. We offer you to get acquainted with the main therapeutic properties of this plant...

Extending life with autophagy

Scientists have found that one of the mechanisms that increase life expectancy is autophagy – cleansing our body. What is the peculiarity of this process, we will tell in this article.

The role of magnesium in the human body

Magnesium plays a very important role in the health of our body. Today we will look at the beneficial properties of magnesium, its daily intake, which foods are a reliable source of magnesium, and more.

8 useful properties of buckwheat

In the national cuisine of the peoples of our country, buckwheat is used very widely. But not all lovers of this product are aware of the properties for which buckwheat is so valued by nutritionists. Today's article is devoted to its special qualities...

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