Chronic fatigue syndrome: causes and treatment

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Residents of large cities often suffer from a disease that is now known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This disease affects people belonging to various socio-demographic groups and living on all continents.

Most of all, chronic fatigue syndrome affects women aged 25 to 45 years. According to statistics, the number of cases of the disease varies in different countries from 10 to 37 people per 100000, but experts believe that these figures are significantly underestimated, since people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome do not always consider it necessary to seek help. The disease is quite difficult to determine and not always can be completely cured.


Signs and causes of chronic fatigue syndrome

Constant fatigue that does not disappear even with long rest was first diagnosed as a separate disease in 1984. Physician Paul Cheney, who practiced in the state of Nevada (USA), observed a complex of similar symptoms in almost 200 residents of a small village, which had recently experienced an epidemic of an infectious disease caused by a pathogen similar to the herpes virus. All patients complained about the following:

  • fatigue, feeling tired even after sleep;
  • muscle weakness, decreased performance;
  • weakening of attention, inability to concentrate;
  • progressive headaches for no apparent reason;
  • pain in the joints (without swelling) and spine;
  • sleep disturbances, expressed in insomnia at night and drowsiness during the day;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dry mucous eyes and mouth, sore throat;
  • soreness of the lymph nodes;
  • drops in blood pressure;
  • unstable emotional state, alternating periods of apathy and aggressiveness;
  • anxiety, depression.

Today, a person who has at least six of these signs can be recognized as suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. At the very beginning of the disease, neither instrumental diagnostics nor test results reveal any pathology in the body. As the disease develops, a blood test determines deviations in the content of leukocytes, an increase in the number of antibodies, as well as signs of malfunctions in the liver and other internal organs. If you do not start treatment, the patient runs the risk of getting serious health problems.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: causes and treatment

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The origin of chronic fatigue syndrome is not clear. Some scientists believe that the appearance of the syndrome is provoked by pathogens (herpes viruses type 6 and hepatitis C, enterovirus, cytomegalovirus, retrovirus, etc). The existence of a specific pathogen, which has not yet been discovered, is not excluded. There is some basis for this theory: the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome often coincides with an acute infection like the flu. The following factors play an important role in the development of the disease:

  • bad ecological situation. Indeed, chronic fatigue syndrome affects mainly residents of megacities;
  • improper diet;
  • violation of sleep and wakefulness;
  • activities associated with huge psychological stress against the background of low physical activity;
  • decreased immune status, tendency to colds and allergic reactions;
  • stress in family life and at work.

Most of the methods of treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome used today are somehow connected with attempts to optimize the patient's regimen, to help him more easily endure life in the "stone jungle".

Chronic fatigue syndrome: causes and treatment

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The specifics of the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome The complexity of diagnosis and treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated not only with the need to distinguish its manifestations from the symptoms of many other ailments, but also with the fact that the sick, as a rule, are in no hurry to see a doctor.

It is not for nothing that chronic fatigue syndrome is called the disease of workaholics. The main risk group is residents of megacities engaged in responsible work associated with stress (entrepreneurs, managers, bank and company managers, airline dispatchers, etc.), that is, people who are constantly under stress, sleep little, eat irregularly, and even At home, they can't take their minds off work. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to stop, to stop the daily race, and even more so to admit that you are sick.

Therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome includes a set of measures designed to make the life of patients in general healthier and more relaxed.

  • Usually, the doctor recommends optimizing the regime of work and rest, eating on time, giving preference to healthy food, spending a lot of time outdoors, playing sports (with moderate exercise).
  • Hydrotherapeutic procedures, massage and physiotherapy exercises are of great benefit.
  • Patients suffering from instability of the emotional state are shown sessions of psychotherapy and auto-training, less often medications (tranquilizers, antidepressants, etc).
  • The response of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome to treatment is very individual. Some are helped by techniques such as oxygen therapy or acupuncture.
  • Recently, laser treatment has been successfully used (the method turned out to be effective in more than 86% of patients).

If you notice symptoms of a disease in yourself, you should immediately contact a therapist for qualified help. In advanced cases, the condition of people suffering from chronic fatigue cannot be significantly improved, despite the best efforts of doctors. For such patients, the usual way of life can turn into a complete loss of ability to work.


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