The undoubted benefits of morning exercises or morning running

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“Get ready to perform gymnastic exercises,” – these words, uttered by Nikolai Gordeev to the musical accompaniment of Valentin Rodin, began the famous Soviet morning exercises on the radio. Adults and children were engaged in it, they brushed their teeth under it, had breakfast, got ready for work and school.

Today, despite the propaganda and fashion for a healthy lifestyle, there are practically no such programs on TV and radio. Moreover, in many forums dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, morning exercises are assessed rather skeptically.

In this article, we will consider what benefits morning exercises and morning running provide for the body, and also focus on sets of exercises for adults and children, highlight some practical and theoretical aspects related to physical activity in the morning.


Arguments "for" or why you need to do exercises in the morning

G. Landry, a fitness trainer and author of high-intensity weight loss programs, says that one of the important elements in exercising is morning exercises. Regular exercise helps, in his opinion, to lose weight and improve the general condition of the body. He identifies 10 reasons why you need to do morning exercises:

  1. More than 90% of people who exercise in the morning improve their performance in sports.
  2. Exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories per day.
  3. When exercising, a person receives a charge of vivacity and energy.
  4. Many people say that exercising in the morning helps them regulate their appetite throughout the day.
  5. Morning exercise helps wake up the body. Over time, the circadian rhythm adjusts to this mode, and the person feels better.
  6. By exercising, we become more disciplined.
  7. Research has shown that physical activity stimulates mental activity.
  8. By doing a 10-minute exercise in the morning, you can keep your body in shape.
  9. As a result of morning exercises, the physiological processes in the body will work better, which will lead to a general improvement in well-being.
  10. Just try to do morning exercises and you will see how great it is.


Jogging in the morning

The undoubted benefits of morning exercises or morning running

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Promoted by movies, running in the morning is perceived by many as the best alternative to exercise. What is more useful and better – charging or morning running, we will let everyone decide on their own, there is enough material on the Internet on this topic. Undoubtedly, competent sports are useful in all manifestations, but not everyone will be able to readjust and start running in the morning, because it requires a lot of effort, willpower and time. In addition, there are discussions regarding “when is it better to run?”, “Is morning running harmful?”. But if you're determined to run in the morning, here are some facts and recommendations:

  • There is an opinion that the air is cleaner in the morning, which means that running at this time is more useful.
  • Thanks to running, the body is saturated with oxygen, muscles and joints are toned, and metabolic processes take place more actively.
  • Those who run in the morning are much less likely to suffer from insomnia. The positive impact of running on the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems has been proven. During a run, almost all human muscles are involved.
  • Running helps to strengthen the immune system. With sweat, toxins accumulated in the body are also released.
  • Running is a serious load, and an unprepared person can be injured. If there are any medical contraindications, it is best to consult your doctor first. Also, always do a warm-up.
  • Running is great for those who want to lose weight. So, during an hour run at a speed of 10 km/h, a man weighing 80 kg “burns” more than 800 kcal.
  • The route and equipment are of great importance. You need to run where there are trees – in a forest plantation, in a park. Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Shoes are true to size and have soft soles.
  • A lot of useful information and answers to the questions of those who have just decided to start running in this video:


A set of exercises for morning exercises

The undoubted benefits of morning exercises or morning running

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So, armed with confidence and determination, mindful of the saying: “How you start the day, so you will spend it,” you decided to do exercises in the morning. There are many exercises, you can combine them and perform them in any order. Below we will give a link to several ready-made complexes, but for now we will focus on certain important aspects that you should know before starting the exercises.

  • Do not exercise immediately after waking up. Get up, drink a glass of water, wash your face, stretch, and after that start doing exercises.
  • The body is not yet ready for heavy loads in the morning. The exercises performed should be smooth and not contain sudden movements. During exercise, try to breathe evenly and calmly.
  • It is also better not to resort to power loads. It is optimal to do aerobic exercises and exercises with your own weight in the morning.
  • You need to perform each exercise 8-10 times. Try to exercise daily.



For the head: turns left and right; forward and backward bends.

For shoulders and arms: rotational movements of the shoulders alternately and together; rotation with straight arms, describing a circle; alternate hand swings – one hand on top, the second on the bottom; rotation with arms bent at the elbows in different directions.

For the torso: feet shoulder-width apart, perform smooth forward bends, trying to touch the floor with your palms; with arms bent at the elbows, holding on to the belt, rotate the pelvis with slight forward bends in both directions.

For legs: alternating swings with legs back and forth; squats without taking your heels off the floor; toe raises.

Finally, some popular sets of exercises with video sequences: