At the Paris Motor Show 2016, the European premiere of the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen concept car took place.

Externally, the concept is more like a bathyscaphe or a helicopter cockpit than a classic compact hatchback. According to the manufacturer, FCV Plus is designed for an environmentally responsible society in which hydrogen energy sources are widely used.

Toyota FCV Plus is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell power plant and electric motors – one for each wheel. The fuel cells are located between the front wheels, the hydrogen tank is behind the rear seat. Thanks to this scheme, the car can take four people on board.

Visitors to the Paris Motor Show at the Toyota booth could see an unusual FCV Plus concept car. The world premiere of the car took place a year ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, but the European public was only now lit up with it.

The highlight of the car is not only its design. Although the latter is indeed original. What are the plump rear wheels made by separate modules.

The Toyota FCV Plus is powered by a fuel cell power plant that powers four electric motor wheels.

The concept has rather compact dimensions: length – 3,8 meters, width – 1,75 meters and height – 1,54 meters. Wheelbase – 3,0 meters.

The car body is made using 3D printing technology. The interior of the concept is also made in a futuristic style. So, for example, the standard dashboard is replaced by a large projection display.

Toyota FCV Plus is interesting not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The driver will not see the usual dashboard here. All the necessary information is projected onto the windshield.

There are four chairs here. Although the rear seats are more suitable for short people or children.

Despite the futuristic appearance, the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen concept, it is possible that it will still go into the series, albeit in a slightly mundane form. Moreover, Toyota has already become a pioneer among manufacturers, having launched the production of the first mass-produced hydrogen car – Mirai.

It is also interesting that the FCV Plus can work as a power plant, i.e. the concept is able to share excess energy by transferring the generated electricity to external power sources – for example, to power household appliances in a small house. Fuel in this case can be scooped both from the onboard tank and from an external, large capacity.


Video presenting the Toyota FCV Plus at the Paris Motor Show:


A video from the Japanese corporation Toyota titled "From an environmentally friendly car to an energy car":