The new interpretation of the “tiger face” includes the light signature Star Cloud (“star cloud”). The manufacturer promised to do something similar in future models of the brand.

KIA's new concept car, the Futuron Concept, premiered at the China International Import Exhibition CIIE-2019 in Shanghai. The all-wheel-drive coupe-crossover has received a bold new look and shows a new design mood that could be used for the brand's future electric models.

With its modern, confident look, the KIA Futuron concept car gives an idea of ​​how the company envisions progressive electric vehicles of the near future. The name is made up of two words: "future" (future) and "on" (step, turn on) and hints at what design can bring success to the brand's crossovers in the "electric" future.

Diode lights are also made in accordance with the principle of Star Cloud, the inspiration for which the designers "drawn from the nebulae in the night sky." The second source is Chinese mythology. The front and rear optics and the "scales" around the light elements depict the scales of dragons. They are movable and allow you to switch between daytime running lights and night lighting.


Confident, sporty, modern

The design is based on the idea of ​​sweeping lines, which has a positive effect on aerodynamics. The Futuron Concept's look combines elegant proportions with crisp, clean surfaces. The concept car received a light body in the style of a coupe-crossover and an all-wheel drive system due to four electric motors (four electric motors are installed one in each wheel).

The front of the KIA Futuron is designed in the corporate style – "tiger smile", which was presented to the public more than ten years ago and is still the hallmark of the brand.

KIA Futuron headlights have an innovative design, called "Star cloud" (Star cloud) and give the car a stunning look and recognition in the dark. The Star Cloud optics, which the concept car is equipped with, is a demonstration not only of the new design of the front of the car, but also of the new concept of KIA lighting technology.

The low-slung crossover coupe was a clear demonstration of how KIA sees its future models: confident, sporty, modern and at the same time refined. The overall length of the Futuron is 4850 mm, the height is 1550 mm, the wheelbase is 3000 mm. The increased ground clearance of the coupe-crossover is combined with a low, swift silhouette, which makes the appearance dynamic and confident.

The company said the concept was inspired by "flying saucers and UFOs". It is no coincidence that the symmetry of the pointed front and rear parts, a pronounced bend on the side and smooth surfaces with a minimum of decor can be traced in the body. The length of the concept is 4850 mm, height – 1550, wheelbase – 3000 mm.

It was possible to achieve such forms by equipping the KIA Futuron with a fully electric power plant. The high-capacity battery is located in the lower part of the body – under the floor of the passenger compartment. Electric energy from the battery goes to four powerful electric motors built into each of the wheels. Due to this arrangement, with increased ground clearance, it was possible to achieve the lowest possible center of gravity and get an ultra-modern all-wheel drive system that provides instant response to driver actions.

The roof of the concept car is made in the form of a single glass dome in the form of a polished crystal, which, as it were, rests on a single "support" in the center of the circle – in the style that is usually attributed to "flying saucers", UFOs. In addition to the fact that such a dome provides excellent natural lighting of the cabin, the glazing that extends over the surface of the hood opens up a large field of vision for the driver. The presence of built-in lidar sensors that recognize light signals and determine distances made it possible to endow the car with “Level 4” autopilot functions.

This SUV has an all-wheel drive e-AWD, consisting of four motor-wheels and a “large-capacity battery” located under the floor. But it promises "a new type of interactive driving experience suitable for urban environments." It is achieved by combining the filling with a design made under the motto "360 degrees".


Autonomous interior space with the possibility of different landings

The bold exterior design finds its continuation in the high-tech interior.

The location of the electric propulsion system and the progressive layout of the Level 4 autopilot systems have created such a spacious interior and provide such opportunities for changing the position that are not available in any other car in production.

The two front seats can provide a vertical "driver's" landing and give you the opportunity to relax with a significantly "tilted" back. This decision has much in common with the possibilities offered by seats in the first-class cabins of modern aircraft. When autopilot is activated, the front seatbacks recline and the steering wheel retracts forward. This “zero gravity” landing helps reduce fatigue on long journeys.

In the cabin, reclining seats made of flexible materials and a diamond-shaped panoramic roof draw attention. Steering wheel offline retracts. On the doors, the Star Cloud LED lighting is repeated, as well as the Dragon Skin pattern. Ventilation deflectors are also shaped like dragon scales.


Official video about the new KIA Futuron Concept