Poplar Pando – the heaviest organism in the world

In the United States, an unusual poplar forest grows, covering an area of ​​\u43b\uXNUMXbmore than XNUMX hectares. In fact, this is one ancient tree with a single massive root system. This is the Pando tree, which is considered the heaviest living organism on the planet.

The oldest tree in the world

The oldest tree on our planet grows in the USA, in the east of California in the ancient Bristlecon pine forest. The exact location of this tree is a US Forest Service secret.

Pencils: history, interesting facts

Today we will tell readers the story of the appearance of a pencil, what and how modern pencils are made of, tell other interesting facts about pencils, and also talk about the world's largest pencils

The largest rock in the world: interesting facts

The largest rock in the world is located in Australia. In this article we will tell you about this huge mountain some interesting facts.

Little Known Facts About Coconut

For more than 3 000 years, the coconut palm has held the fame of the most useful tree. You can survive on a deserted island by satisfying your hunger and thirst with just one coconut. Today we will tell readers some little-known facts about cokes.

What is the noisiest sea creature?

Although the blue whale makes the loudest sound of any individual animal in the water and on land, the loudest natural noise in nature, oddly enough, is produced by well-known small creatures. Who are they? We will answer this question in this article...

Food of the future: new types of food

The human population is growing every year. The problem of sufficient food is becoming more and more acute, and scientists are forced to intensify research on the creation of new food products. We will talk about them today...

Tobacco is the worst killer of the future

Tobacco is the second leading cause of death in the world today, according to the World Health Organization. The numbers show that tobacco will soon become the leading cause of death in humans...

How much sleep do you need? | Interesting facts about sleep

Contrary to one of the most common recipes for a healthy lifestyle – eight hours of sleep – a pretty dangerous thing. We will talk about this misconception and other interesting facts about sleep in this article.

Where is more caffeine – in a cup of tea or in a cup of coffee?

The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea and coffee depends on a number of factors. The caffeine content, for example, is affected by water temperature and brewing time, the type of coffee and tea, the area where they were grown, and much more also play an important role.

Unexpected signs of high intelligence

Each person is gifted by nature, but everyone has different abilities. Scientists have found that people with high intelligence often have features that, at first glance, have nothing to do with the level of mental development.

Where does oxygen on our planet actually come from?

Everyone remembers from school that forests are the “lungs” of our planet. But, as it turned out, forests do not play the main role in the process of photosynthesis. Where, then, does oxygen come from on the planet? You will find the answer in this article...

Holes in cheese: dispelling a century-old myth

Probably, each of us at least once in his life wondered: “where do the holes in the cheese come from”? They are huge and round, and are very small and torn. In this article, we will deal with this mysterious phenomenon.

Who invented the ballpoint pen?

Before the era of ballpoint pens, writing was considered a rather dangerous and troublesome task. Who invented the first ballpoint pen and how did this great invention gain worldwide popularity?

About the little-known feelings of man and animals

Many will say that a person has only five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, according to the conventional wisdom, a person has four more senses. We will talk about them and other little-known feelings of man and animals in this article...

The mosquito is the number one killer animal

A good half of the people who died in the entire history of mankind – and this is something about 45 billion – were killed by mosquitoes. Incredibly, twice as many people die from their bites every year than from all predators combined...

Which bird lays the largest and which the smallest eggs?

Which bird lays the smallest eggs? Many will think that some kind of small bird, such as a hummingbird or wren. But no, the smallest eggs in relation to the size of the mother are carried by the largest bird in the world – the ostrich. More on this in this article...

The largest living organism on earth

Oddly enough, but the largest living organism on the planet is a mushroom. And not even some kind of particularly rare, but ordinary honey agarics. We will tell you more about this mushroom in this article...

How to purify water while camping

This article is addressed to those who like to travel away from civilization and are not afraid of domestic difficulties. Such people often have to use water for cooking and drinking, which contains components that are not the most healthy for health...

How will people change in the future?

Scientists believe that humanity continues to evolve. Our body is influenced by both natural factors and sociocultural parameters. Let's talk about what human changes in the coming millennia are considered the most likely...

The Southern Ocean is the new ocean of our planet

Many of us do not realize that a new ocean has appeared on the geographical map of the world. This is because the decision to allocate it to the International Hydrographic Organization was made only in 2000. This fifth ocean is already on world maps

Food flavors that trigger overeating

When visiting grocery supermarkets, many notice that the trading floors always smell delicious. Inhaling such smells, store visitors begin to experience a feeling of hunger, which stimulates the desire to purchase more food...

The most common phobias in the world

In total, over five hundred different phobias are known, but in modern life no more than a dozen are often found. In this article, we take a look at ten of the world's most common phobias...

Asperitas – a rare special type of cloud

This is a new special type of cloud that was only separated into a separate type of cloud in 2009. Although these clouds appear ominous, they almost always dissipate without the formation of a storm. So far, asperitas clouds remain little studied.

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