Many of these laws are ridiculous and downright stupid, because over time our lives have changed, and some outdated laws have lost their relevance. At the same time, there are terrible laws, striking in their ruthlessness, which testify to the recklessness of the legislature or the population that voted for these laws. And the main thing is that the stupid and ridiculous laws mentioned here are still in force, and people for their violation bear both administrative and criminal liability.

Ridiculous and stupid laws: In England, women are forbidden to eat chocolate on public transport.

Ridiculous and stupid laws: In Italy, according to local laws, women with the name Maria are not allowed to engage in prostitution.

Ridiculous and stupid laws: In Switzerland, people living in an apartment are forbidden to flush the toilet after 10 pm.

Ridiculous and Stupid Laws: In China, a family can only have one child, if a second child is born in the family, a fine can be imposed on the parents.

Ridiculous and Stupid Laws: It is against the law in Israel to ride a bike without a driver's license.

Ridiculous and Stupid Laws: In Saudi Arabia, male doctors are prohibited from examining women, but women are also prohibited from practicing medicine.

Ridiculous and Stupid Laws: In Singapore, selling chewing gum is an offense.