Dancing robot dogs by name Spot and other dancing robots

Today we will tell readers about the company's robotics Boston Dynamicscs. And to demonstrate the dynamism and mobility of their robots, the manufacturing company taught them to dance.

Playing with time: bending time and space

Y this timeouTube channel "Macro Room" made a game with time – as a result, it turned out a kind of time and space bending in slow motion, in general, incredible tricks. We are surprised, admire

7 minutes of colorful effects

YouTube-channel "Macro Room" continues to please the eye with its unusual videos in macro mode. In this 7-minute video you will see a lot of mesmerizing colorful effects

The fishing cat is a cat that hunts in the water.

Everyone knows that cats don't like water. But there are cats who love the water and are excellent swimmers, they are simply born for this. These are fishing cats that swim and roam the shallow water in search of food – fish and other aquatic life.

A bird that imitates any sound

A large lyre bird can imitate any sound it hears in the forest. These can be the sounds of foresters working and their chainsaws, the sound of a shutter and a camera drive mechanism, the sounds of car alarms...

Unusual mating ritual of a male red-capped piper

To attract a female, the male red-capped piper performs several rituals. He very quickly jumps in the crown of trees, clicks his wings, making up to 80 flaps of wings per second, and dances on a branch in an original way...

This short film tells the story of an elementary school math teacher who got into an absurd situation when she told a student that "2 + 2 = 4" – as a result she was challenged by her parents, principal and even the mayor...

"Expert" – 3 sketches: continuation of the film "7 Red Lines"

Today we watch a mini-series of three short films about Anderson – an expert in drawing the famous 7 red lines – the same unlucky employee who is given insane and impossible tasks.

This fun business meeting shows how hard it is for the typical engineer to fit into today's corporate world. How can an expert solve the problem, ignoring common sense? – Watch video

Dancing grizzly bears: funny video

Watch grizzly bears dance to the Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass" soundtrack as they rub their backs against trees in British Columbia...

New York | 360º video

An ultra-dynamic, constantly in motion city of skyscrapers that dazzles and captivates, plunging into the abyss of colorful multicolor and many-sided emotions. Take a tour of New York with this 360° video...

Night Shanghai (China): 360º video

One can talk about the sights of Shanghai – a city where antiquity coexists with modernity, traditions – with the avant-garde, and the greenery of parks – with glass and concrete – one can talk for a long time; but why? See Shanghai at night with this 360° video...

Funny jumping sifakas

Sifaki are common only on the island of Madagascar. The tail of these lemurs is as long as the body, and how they move along the forest floor – jumping like graceful ballerinas...

Emirates (UAE): 360º video

In relation to tourism in the Emirates, they say this: “We will surprise everyone with what the country has, and what is not, we will build and surprise even more.” In this panoramic video you will see 9 outstanding places in the United Arab Emirates

Around the world in 3 minutes

This delightful virtual journey was prepared by the AirPano team, in which you will see the most interesting flights, swims, passages in the most beautiful places on our planet. In just two minutes you can travel around the world! …

Best in 8K

We present to your attention a colorful video from the popular YouTube-channel "Jacob + Katie Schwarz". These amazing shots from different parts of our planet are presented in the highest quality – 8K...

Magnificent Seven Worlds: One Planet Trailer

This majestic trailer from the BBC Natural History Department showcases the rich natural diversity of the earth's seven continents and what makes each one unique.

"Dustin" – a funny cartoon comedy

It's a little cartoon comedy about a pug who, much to his chagrin, has to deal with an automatic cleaning robot as his new roommate...

Bird of Paradise mating dance rehearsal

In the rainforests of New Guinea, one male Bird of Paradise strives to make a memorable first impression on a female. To make everything work out, he carefully prepares for the meeting and rehearses his mating dance...

Wild hamster and wax candles

“If it fits on my cheeks, I eat it!” – such is the motto of this funny hamster. Wild hamsters roam Viennese cemeteries in search of fresh flowers and wax candles. Sometimes it happens with hilarious consequences...

Hypnotizing show of the bowerbird

Somewhere in the forests of New Guinea, a male Arborbird puts on a mesmerizing show to impress a female, but will it be good enough? The answer is in this amazing video...

The mating dances of the bird of paradise

Deep in the forests of New Guinea, there is a rich variety of life, with each creature more bizarre than the next. One such amazing sight is the dance of the bird of paradise, which seems to go to any lengths to attract a mate...

Lioness vs warthog: theatrical spectacle

Nala and Pumbaa may have lived together in The Lion King, but life in Africa is rarely without problems. Watch this theatrical natural history spectacle where a lioness decides to attack a wild boar...

About how squirrels brutally steal acorns

A very interesting video in which, with the help of a spy squirrel and a hidden camera, we will see how real squirrels use intelligence and cunning to outsmart other thieving squirrels and get the desired acorn...

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