Personal space in family and relationships: useful tips

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There is a stereotype that you need to be together everywhere and always. However, the psyche of people is arranged in such a way that time alone with yourself is a vital necessity. Even the hottest and most reverent relationships are not able to become a substitute for personal space. And if a partner is nearby everywhere and everywhere, controls your every step, there may be severe discomfort, which develops into a desire to "throw off these fetters."

How not to lose yourself and make relationships stronger and more trusting? In this article, we will give useful tips on the topic of personal space in family and relationships.

  1. The key to a strong relationship is trust. But your relationship will be stronger and more harmonious if you are as honest as possible not only with each other, but also with yourself.
  2. In case of misunderstanding, simply tell your partner about your feelings, be interested in what he feels.
  3. Sometimes it can be difficult, but you definitely need to learn to give in to your loved one in some things, without turning anything into a “matter of principle”.
  4. In no case do not accuse a person of wanting to be alone or devoting little time to you. Here, again, a heart-to-heart talk will help.
  5. Refrain from checking: phone, mail, social networks, wallet, pockets, diary. Do not encroach on the personal space of a partner in the house.
  6. Ask your partner about anything as much as he is ready to share with you. Some nervousness can serve as an indicator of violation of the comfort zone.
  7. Adequately respond to the desire of a partner to walk alone, close in a room, or just be silent.
  8. If your partner does not understand the importance of personal space, talk to him about this topic, tell him why this is important to you.
  9. Having imbued with the idea of ​​personal space, do not forget about your partner. Remember to keep a balance between relationships and "freedom".
  10. Strive with your partner to expand each other's personal space – to find more points of contact and common interests.