The main secrets of family happiness: advice from psychologists

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You can often hear that if there is love between spouses, then they will also have harmony in sexual relations. Of course, mutual love is a very important condition for achieving and strengthening sexual harmony, but love alone is not enough. Psychologists note that the nature of the communication of the spouses plays the most important role in this case, since only in the process of communication mutual understanding and harmony of relationships are achieved. In case of violations in this process, the emergence of conflicts is inevitable, which can lead to the destruction of intimate, and then marital relations. The fact that marital conflicts are far from always bad, read the article "Is it true that love is the absence of conflict?".

Psychologists have identified the characteristics of communication between spouses, which serve as psychological prerequisites for happiness in marriage. This:

  • openness – painless discussion of any topic;
  • intimacy – the importance for each of the spouses the depth of the topics discussed;
  • mutual trust;
  • high level of empathy, complicity in each other's problems;
  • constructiveness – the ability not to "win", but to find mutually acceptable solutions;
  • awareness of the true feelings and experiences of each other, the understanding that these feelings and experiences in themselves are a value.

Actually, the culture of communication is based on these principles. The inability to communicate can kill love, destroy the marital union.