The best way to raise a child

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Regarding the upbringing of their child, many parents think something like this: “Good parenting methodology is what we need.” However, the use of the best methods of education will not give anything if there is no love, honesty, patience and some other qualities.

In other words, if we teach a child to be honest, while allowing for behavior that is not always honest for ourselves (whether towards a child or towards other people), then, most likely, he will notice a discrepancy between our words and deeds. Only those parents who are honest themselves can demand from a child to be honest. In this case, a personal example is much stronger than many hours of "moral readings."

In psychology, there is such a term – "invisible education", that is, the impact on the child of the situation in the family, the behavior of parents in a given situation, their attitude towards the child, their emotional and energy states. It has been noted that “invisible upbringing” affects the child more than “noticeable”. Psychologists say: "Words do not educate, children become like their parents, only worse." Hence the conclusion: children should be shown how to live, and not told, and even more so, not “read morality”.