Does a wife need advice from her husband?

You can often hear from men that their wives complain to them about their problems. And when men want to help with advice, they not only do not listen, but are also offended. In fact, a woman does not really need her husband's advice.

The thing is that for a man, verbal communication is, first of all, the exchange of information, a way of constructively solving problems. But women in communication, first of all, are looking for mutual understanding.

Psychologists note that when a wife complains to her husband, then, as a rule, she expects his sympathy and spiritual participation. And men, because of their illiteracy in matters of female psychology, begin to give advice that the wife does not need and is even unpleasant to some extent.

In addition, according to the same psychologists, in such situations, women, most likely, have already thought about how to solve the problem themselves, and unconsciously expect to receive confirmation of their position from their husband.