Cause of child aggression

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Many parents face the problem of child aggression. There is nothing to fear if it is due to the formation of the personality of the child. Children thus develop the ability to insist on their own, stand up for themselves, and this is quite normal.

Another thing is when aggressive behavior has become the norm, which is often the result of insufficient attention of parents to the child. Feeling lonely, a small person tries in any way to attract attention, showing his inner insecurity with the help of inadequate and aggressive behavior. In this way, he tries to assert his importance (since self-esteem is lacking).

Cause of child aggression

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Parents who believe that the aggression of the child should be answered in the same way are mistaken. It is possible not to approve of his actions and at the same time not to refuse attention, because for such children it is especially important to feel the love and tenderness of their parents.

Studies by American scientists have shown that those preschoolers whose fathers and mothers clearly explained to them the consequences of bad behavior and urged them to be reasonable and fair enjoy the greatest authority among their peers. Remember that anger and yelling are not the best teaching methods, as your child will copy you and influence his peers with yelling rather than persuasion. Children behave with friends in the same way that their parents behave with them at home.