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Is it possible to change the child for yourself?

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It often happens that parents want their child to be the way they want it. Sometimes you can hear the phrase: "I will raise a child the way I want to see him...". Such parents do not even think about the fact that the child may not want this at all.

Every child has the right to be himself, whether his parents want it or not. All attempts to "remake" the child according to one's own standards are ultimately doomed to failure, because they involve violence, and violence can only lead to other violence: in this case, parental violence leads to the child committing violence against himself. The consequences will sooner or later manifest themselves in the form of neurosis, depression, excessive modesty or, on the contrary, swagger, etc.

Therefore, it is very important that parents accept the child as he is. I would like to make a reservation that acceptance does not mean approval at all, there are things that cannot be approved in any way, for example, manifestations of cruelty, contempt for people, etc. But only by accepting such qualities in your child, you can help him get rid of them (if Of course he wants it.)