How to maintain good health

Do not recede sadness and apathy? Are you tired quickly? Do you think that a little more and performance will be lost? How to be? In this article, we will give some secrets and rules of good health.

How to become stress resistant

Popular wisdom says that all diseases are from nerves. Today we will talk about the formation of stress resistance. This is not an easy matter. But he needs to devote enough time to find peace of mind for a lifetime.

Laziness: a psychological analysis of its diversity

In this article, you will get acquainted with various approaches to understanding laziness: laziness as a weak volitional sphere, as intuition, as an infantile state, fear of responsibility, defensive reaction, etc.

Unproductive Habits

While we are trying to instill discipline in ourselves, following time management systems... in a word, fighting for efficiency, our unproductive habits sabotage these efforts. What are these habits and how are they killing our productivity?

How to develop memory

Memory is a skill that is vital for every person. But memory is not only an indispensable skill, but also an important element of our education and intelligence. How to develop memory we will tell in this article

How to teach a child to read quickly and efficiently

Parents who are concerned about the future of their child understand: what level of reading a student has – such a level of academic performance. Today we will talk about how to teach a child to read quickly and efficiently.

How to keep your peace of mind if you are insulted

In everyday life, each of us is faced with insults addressed to him. We will acquaint readers with techniques that allow you to respond to an insult, maintaining self-esteem and successfully putting the offender in his place.

Basic rules for teaching a child to read

Every parent who cares about their harmonious, correct and holistic development thinks about the importance and role of reading in the life of their children. When you can start teaching your child to read and the basic rules for teaching reading, we will consider in this article.

How to boost your productivity with your biological clock

One way to increase productivity is to turn to physiology and use the already existing features of our body – its biological clock. What is it, how they affect performance, and how to apply it – read in this article.

How to do everything: 8 principles of time management

The happiness and self-realization of a person depends on the awareness and skillful use of the resources that surround him. Let's look at the relationship of resource-time with space, knowledge, skills, qualities, energy, material and human resources.

How to find your ikigai to live happily ever after

In Japanese, Okinawa has a truly unique phenomenon that makes the island different from the rest of the world. This phenomenon is called "ikigai". In this article, we will look at what this phenomenon is and how to find your ikigai.

How to improve your ability to communicate with people

A person can be a first-class specialist, but if he does not know how to negotiate with clients, understand their motives or make connections, then no one will know about his abilities. Is it possible to quickly improve your ability to communicate with people? Yes

Methods for Neutralizing Toxic People

Perhaps each of us from time to time faced with manipulation. There are many types of manipulation, and each has a name. But today we want to talk about one of the types of people who use verbal manipulation – toxic people.

Common mistakes when learning a foreign language

At the beginning of any path, we are more motivated than ever and are sure: “This time I will definitely reach the end!” However, at some point, something does not go according to plan, we are increasingly faced with difficulties and, in the end, we postpone foreign lessons...

20 tips on how not to be a victim of manipulators

Not everyone is capable of resisting manipulators. It is for such an “unprotected” category of people that it is important to know how to resist the interlocutor’s manipulations. In this article, we give 20 tips to avoid being a victim of manipulators.

Benefits of reading

Reading is an investment in yourself. And if there is not enough time for this, then do not complain about fate for not being able to achieve your goals. This article summarizes the benefits of reading. Keep them in mind when deciding what to do with your evening...

Truth is born in a dispute: is it true or not?

Debate, discussion, controversy, dispute, debate, discussion – all these are synonyms for one word "dispute". In this article, we will find out why people generally like to argue, how to get rid of the habit of arguing, consider the signs of inveterate debaters in order to isolate themselves from them.

Ways to protect against psychological and energy vampirism

Most people are familiar with the feeling of emptiness that occurs after a scandal, quarrels and a showdown. At the same time, not only an emotional, but also an energy decline is observed. Why it happens? The answer is in our article...

How to strengthen psychological protection

In various stressful situations, it is especially difficult for those who have weak psychological protection. Therefore, each person is simply obliged to know and remember a few basic techniques and rules that will help not to break down in a difficult situation...

Basic principles of memorization

Have you ever forgotten passwords or the names of new acquaintances? Is it difficult for you to learn a phone number in a few seconds, but it can take a whole evening to memorize a page of text? Today we will look at the basic principles of memorization...

3 methods for detecting lies

At one time, the topic of lie detection became quite discussed due to the popularity of the Lie Theory series, where the characters masterfully expose the suspects. However, psychologists who study deception argue that there is no reliable way to catch a lie...

Gestalt psychology, gestalt therapy, gestalt exercises, gestalt pictures

Today we will look at one of the most interesting and popular areas in Western psychology – Gestalt psychology. We will analyze in detail the “closed gestalt” and “incomplete gestalt”, gestalt therapy, gestalt exercises, etc.

How to improve memory: 11 ways

In addition to specific exercises that help memorize more efficiently, there are "secrets" and "chips" that will improve memory without learning special techniques, living a normal everyday life. It is about them that we will talk today.

How to study more effectively: 9 ways

In a rapidly changing world, the ability to learn has become a vital skill. And to do it quickly and efficiently, we offer you 9 ways that will help you develop skills and remember information more efficiently.

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