How to stop worrying

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Active longevity requires that nothing stop you from walking through life with ease and joy. Often your negative emotional state and, as a result, mental problems become an obstacle to this. How to stop worrying, how to deal with your negative emotions? This will be discussed in this article.

Quite a lot of troubles are caused to us by attitudes that have been instilled in us since childhood, and which are generally accepted in society. Such a social stereotype of behavior. You were offended – you should be offended. Lost money – must be upset. Upset – well done! Treasure money! That's the way it is, we've been taught that.

Public opinion approves of such behavior. Unfortunately.

Therefore, we do not believe in other behavior and do not try to change it, but continue to get upset. Stress takes root within us, sometimes growing into mental disorders.

Behavioral patterns of the type “offended – offended”, “lost – upset”, formed over the years and decades, are very difficult to get rid of. But you can. Your worries are nothing more than a bad habit that you can and should get rid of.

We will fight stereotypes, turn on our heads, be guided by logic and common sense and talk to ourselves.

How to stop worrying

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Think for yourself, being offended by someone is pretty stupid. It is a sign of weakness and self-doubt if you depend on someone else's opinion. If they want to offend you and you are offended, then you allow your opponent to easily achieve his goal. Notice you allow. This is your voluntary decision. And if you don't allow it, you won't get it.

Well, if they didn’t want to offend you, but you were offended, then this doesn’t climb into any gate at all! Nothing is good or bad in and of itself. It all depends on how we perceive it and how we react.

When a lot of money is lost at once, the world collapses! Moaning begins about what could have been done with this money if not... You begin to execute yourself, eat food, call names in every way, etc. And how rational is such behavior? After all, the money will not come back from this, it will only spoil your nerves. This is not rational behavior, but emotional. It was instilled in us during our upbringing.

To correct the situation, we will abstract from stereotypes, turn on our heads and start working with ourselves. Personally for you in life there should not be a person more expensive than yourself. You are your only, most important and beloved person. Why would you destroy yourself? And stress is self destruction. We need to remove the stress. To do this, you need to remove emotions – a mechanism that triggers destruction.

How to stop worrying

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We think further. From the fact that you will worry – will you have more money? Hardly.

If you can't get your money back this way, what's the point of worrying? When you are experiencing, at that time you are not living. You yourself consciously and voluntarily poison your own life with your own efforts. Nothing is sweet to you, you can think of nothing but loss. And at this time, life flies past you.

You need to stop worrying. The question arises: "HOW"? The answer is Consciously! Consciously force yourself not to think about the event.

As soon as we caught ourselves discussing this topic inside, we immediately switch our thoughts to something else by an effort of will. Any employment helps a lot. For example, work or sports, communication with friends.

In idleness, it is more difficult to cope with the task. You have to do something to keep yourself busy. Alcohol in this situation will not help, but only hurt. Time heals. Over time, the situation will begin to be forgotten and smoothed out emotionally.

In every negative event, you need to look for something good. If you have lost money – rejoice that only money! You have not lost your life, you have not lost your health, you have not lost your relatives. You will earn money. Your whole life is ahead of you, you are young and energetic. In comfortable conditions, we do not grow, do not develop (more on this is described in the article "Crisis is the way to progress"). Now you have no money – someone has no arms, legs, eyesight... Which of you is better? And so on and so on. In a word, you need to work with yourself.

The beauty of life is in life itself, in the process of living it. Life is not a result. This is a process. It is necessary to enjoy the process of living, and not from experiencing.

How to stop worrying

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Falling into despondency, we do not get this pleasure. Our existence is poisoned, and by us voluntarily.

Money is not the most important thing in life. Good with them. Much better with them than without them. But money is not the goal. This is a remedy. From the fact that there was less money – the sun did not stop shining, the sky did not stop being blue, spring will definitely come, and there will be many more joys in life.

What has changed with the loss of money? Never mind! We will try to earn money by all available means. But this is not a reason to poison life with worries about them. You just need to not remember this story, as if nothing had happened. You need to train – everything will work out! Not immediately, but definitely!

In life, the main thing is not how much money you have, this is not the value of a person!

The value of a person is not in how much he HAS and who he tries to appear to be, but in who he IS, what he is, what personal qualities he possesses! This is what you need to pay attention to in your own self-education and self-development. A person is valuable for his qualities, and not for what you can fuck with him.

You need to live in the present. The past no longer exists and cannot be changed. It is foolish to worry about what is not and cannot be. There is no future, it has not yet arrived. But the future, unlike the past, can be changed. But for this you need to at least stop killing yourself over the past.

How to stop worrying

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If you can’t stop worrying and start living, ask yourself the question – why are you drowning in your experiences and you can’t get out of them? If the answer is: “I don’t know how,” then study! Once upon a time you couldn’t even walk, but you did! Do you want to live happily ever after? – Change! The only way to change your life is by changing your mindset.