Healthy Habits

According to an old Italian custom, on New Year's Eve it is customary to get rid of everything unnecessary. Probably, it’s not worth throwing an old tablet out of the window yet, but it’s time to get rid of long-established and useless habits, while at the same time acquiring new – useful ones. After all, good habits are a luxury available to everyone. And if we take into account the fact that many people judge the people around them by their manners, then the importance of good habits can hardly be overestimated.


1. Stop getting upset over trifles

Late for the train, oversalted the soup or forgot to congratulate your aunt – this is not a reason for frustration. Take life more calmly. After all, everything can be fixed: call a taxi, dilute the soup and call right now.

Remember! The stress hormone cortisol affects the entire body and makes you feel bad. Now ask yourself – is it worth continuing to risk health?


2. Communicate more with loved ones and loved ones

Being active and having a good time is an indispensable component of health; this is the best recipe for restoring mental and physical strength. So, say warm and pleasant “yes” more often to parents who invite you for tea. Also visit a fitness club at least once a week.


3. Help your neighbor

Even if it will be a small thing: to transfer an elderly person across the road, to become a donor, or to help a nephew learn the multiplication table. Do good and you will become much happier! Remember children's fairy tales and stories. That's how it is in life: good people – luck smiles!


4. Bring the hobby back into your life

The combination "Tablet-sofa", of course, does not count. Make your childhood dreams come true right now, because dreams exist in order to become a reality!

Arrange a corner of paradise where everything is blooming and fragrant, add flowers to the interior in unusual "country" containers-buckets, watering cans, teapots or baskets. We wish you a truly pleasant stay!

Healthy Habits

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5. Visit a new place

Participation in a sailing regatta, a driving course at a driving school, attending professional seminars is not only an excellent solution to combat boredom, but also a step towards career prospects.


6. Strive to understand and only then – to be understood

For example, before making a compelling case that you need a pressure cooker, let your spouse speak to understand what they really want for you. This will make it easier to find the very “best option”, for example, joint dinners in a restaurant.


7. Make an appointment with a doctor

“Health is not everything, but everything without health is nothing,” said Socrates.

According to Chinese medicine, the vital energy Qi, or the Force of Life, flows in us. We are healthy when it flows normally. But if Qi stagnates somewhere, we get sick.

Therefore, it is so important to monitor your health: check your heart, eyes, whether the spine is healthy. You have a whole year ahead of you to find time for yourself and be examined. Take care of yourself from a young age.

Remember! Real youth always comes from within.


8. Read more

Reading is necessary even to be good, better parents. To understand and feel life. Reading expands the boundaries of the mind, inspires and enriches.

Constantly learning is the way to high achievements.

Healthy Habits

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9. Don't be lazy

Why is it so difficult for many to readjust?

The answer is quite simple – there is not enough willpower. If one person is happy to apply new techniques, while the other at this time – in every possible way unlocks, choosing the usual tactics of behavior.

Do you want to know who you are: an innovator or a conservative? Pass our simple test: if instead of empty communication on Skype you have some business. Instead of watching TV – business. Instead of social networks – one more thing. Congratulations: you are active, you are an innovator!


10. Keep track of words and finances

Always think carefully about what you say, even if it's while driving, in line, or in the creative heat of the moment. Folk wisdom says: "The word is silver, silence is gold." You can't take back what you said. Be restrained.

Also learn how to manage your finances. Act according to the scheme: a well-considered investment is an excellent result.


Good habits make us attractive. Allow yourself to be better, develop good habits. Happy new life to you!