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20 tips on how not to be a victim of manipulators


Manipulation is one of the types of influence on people in order to change their behavior or force them to do what is necessary, convenient or beneficial for manipulators. Not everyone is able to withstand such an impact. It is for such an “unprotected” category of people that it is important to know how to resist and not fall victim to manipulators.

  1. Don't be afraid to say a firm "no!" in response to any unfavorable offers to you.
  2. Do not be overly trusting, remember to be careful and vigilant (especially when dealing with people who are not very familiar).
  3. Refrain from boasting – it often points the manipulator to a potential victim.
  4. Protect yourself from its impact with an inner ironic smile.
  5. In any case, keep at least outward calmness.
  6. Delay with answers to questions of the manipulator.
  7. Don't be afraid to ridicule his ridiculous suggestions and arguments.
  8. Listen to the manipulator with half an ear, without fixing your attention on his words.
  9. Pretend that you are listening, while thinking about something important or interesting for yourself, remembering something joyful, pleasant.
  10. Confuse him – ask again, all the time clarifying something that supposedly is not clear to you.
  11. If the manipulator clearly "gets" you, immediately stop communicating, citing the need to make an important call or lack of time.
  12. Try to be unpredictable so that the manipulator cannot "calculate" you.
  13. Do not fall for any provocation.
  14. Be critical of everything that happens at the time of communication with the manipulator.
  15. Knock down the course, the rhythm of the conversation with the manipulator.
  16. Don't show him your weaknesses.
  17. Do not lose faith in your ability to resist any beliefs.
  18. Do not try to prove something to the manipulator, do not seek to "re-educate" him.
  19. In any communication, always remember your main interests. This will allow you to make your own decisions and not accept someone else's rules.
  20. And most importantly, be aware of yourself as a PERSON capable of being above any manipulation!