How to Effortlessly Develop Your Intelligence Every Day

Intelligence is a special quality of the human psyche, which includes the ability to adapt to various life situations, learn and assimilate information based on experience, understand and apply abstract concepts and existing knowledge in order to manage the surrounding reality. Simply put, intelligence is a person’s general ability to cognize and overcome difficulties, combining such areas as thinking, imagination, representation, memory, perception and sensation.

It is easy to notice that intelligence covers the work of several parts of the human brain at once, from which it follows that an integrated approach consisting of different methods should be applied to its development. The methods that you will become acquainted with further can be used as a special system for developing intelligence (and developing thinking), and it can be used to train it in both children and adults.


Development of intelligence: simple and effective ways

The information you will become acquainted with may at first glance seem extremely unusual when it comes to the development of intelligence, but it is in its unusualness and simplicity that the greatest effectiveness lies. It is also interesting that you can apply it without much effort in everyday life, simply by devoting a little of your time every day.


1. Optimal time to rest

This method can be called basic, because in a state of fatigue and weariness, there can be no talk of any development of intelligence and memory, as well as other abilities. So first, start devoting appropriate time and attention to your sleep. Healthy sleep is not only an excellent prevention of absent-mindedness, forgetfulness and difficulty thinking, it also increases intelligence and all mental abilities in general.

How to Effortlessly Develop Your Intelligence Every Day


2. Record keeping

Here we are talking about analyzing information through record keeping. Often, smart thoughts and good ideas come into each of our heads, but instead of trying to remember them, as most people do, we advise you to write them down.

In addition, in writing you can also reflect, thinking through prospects and options for the development of events, making plans and lists. This way you will use several parts of the brain and, at the same time as training your memory and attention, will help improve concentration.

As for the analysis of information, its visual display will allow you to see the broader picture and make the right decisions based on this vision.


3. Peace and quiet

Many people, at the end of the working day, and in any free time, are not engaged in the development of intelligence, but in some activities that do not contribute to this at all. These include watching TV, being stuck on social networks, meaningless conversations on the phone, or non-developing computer games. This tendency is especially evident in children.

All this, of course, may have a time and place in life, but if there is a goal to develop intelligence, it is better to be in peace and quiet as much as possible – this allows you to generate new ideas, think over plans, find correct and wise solutions to complex problems, and in general better and more quality rest.


4. Educational games

To develop intelligence and memory, attention and concentration, it is very useful to play, for example, logic games, chess and checkers, dominoes, intellectual board games (“Monopoly”, “Imaginarium”, “Millionaire”, etc).

If you make such a pastime regular, you can create an effective system for developing not only intelligence, but also the ability to analyze, count in your head, find cause-and-effect relationships, make calculations and develop thinking in general.


5. Communication with people

Interaction and communication with different people brings a huge number of positive aspects: it broadens one’s horizons, helps to obtain new information, gets rid of complexes, develops communication skills, increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

To provide your intellect with the basis for constant development, communicate with others as much as possible, and try to communicate with people who are better than you in some ways, for example, smarter, more educated, stronger, more confident, wealthier, etc. The higher you are Set the bar for yourself, the stronger and more developed a person you can become.

How to Effortlessly Develop Your Intelligence Every Day


6. Reading books

Another excellent and simple way to develop intelligence in children and adults is reading. People who read a lot of books always keep their brain in good shape and cognitively active. By filling it with new information, they simply force themselves to grow personally and intellectually.

In addition, a well-read person experiences much fewer difficulties in communicating with others, because literature contains completely different information that can always be successfully applied in life. And another advantage of reading is that a well-read person with a developed outlook can be an excellent conversationalist in almost any situation.

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7. Making familiar things unusual

We are talking about doing quite ordinary everyday things in extraordinary ways. We all brush our teeth every day, wash our face, comb our hair, wash the dishes and tie our shoelaces – such things have long become habitual and are performed automatically, which means that the brain does not strain at all. But it’s really possible to make a cool system for developing intelligence out of them.

Start walking to work in new ways, fasten your belt the other way around, always cross the road starting with your left foot, etc. This way you will activate your thought processes, begin to pay attention to little things, and train awareness. Remember that even such trivial experiments contribute to the development of the mind and serve as a good way to train intelligence and memory, attention and concentration, thinking and creativity.


8. Art

To develop your intellect, you don’t have to become the next Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci, you can just spend a couple of hours drawing from time to time. Set yourself the task of drawing a specific picture, and you will notice how your brain begins to work more actively.

When a person draws, both hemispheres of the brain are activated, concentration increases and coordination improves. In addition, in the process of drawing, a person seems to disconnect from the outside world for some time, thanks to which the consciousness is cleared and rested.


9. Constant learning

Learning is always progress and movement forward. Thus, by constantly absorbing new knowledge and mastering new skills, you will automatically force your intelligence to develop. Anything can be suitable: studying foreign languages, detailed study of the world map, immersion in historical chronicles, reading autobiographies of famous people, etc.

However, you can go further and, for example, get a new specialty, take retraining and advanced training courses, or even change your job or start running your own business.

Such a development system will be an excellent assistant for you and will always keep your intellect in good shape.

How to Effortlessly Develop Your Intelligence Every Day


10. Self-education

This method is a logical continuation of the previous one. Unfortunately, not every person is ready to study all his life, but those who think about training their intellect make self-education an indispensable part of their life. There are more than enough opportunities for this today. Read books and textbooks, learn new things and communicate with interesting people, get involved in unusual things and find a hobby, watch documentaries and educational programs. And if you want to engage in self-education in full, you can, for example, take some course on developing thinking or a good online training.

Here we would like to remind you that any new information, if it involves practical application, must always be used in practice – only in this way will self-education become complete and effective.


11. Positive thinking

Naturally, life never goes absolutely smoothly, and sometimes it brings surprises. Circumstances and situations that we did not even suspect can deprive us of strength and unsettle us, make us worry and sound the alarm. But they should be perceived precisely as another chance for self-development and intellectual development. By gathering our will, rising from our knees and directing energy in the right direction, we become stronger, more experienced, wiser and smarter.

And a special role in all this is played by nothing other than positive thinking, because it is this that allows us to remain calm, think creatively, be persistent and self-confident. And from here all the other benefits flow: increasing the ability to concentrate, training time management and planning skills, developing willpower and stress resistance.

Remember that life, together with all its events, can itself be used by you as an ideal system for the development of intelligence. And such an attitude towards it should be formed in both children and adults.

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12. The ability to see perspectives

This method is a defining link on the path to success and a fulfilling life. If you learn to always be determined to look for new steps to develop, your thinking will be entirely focused on analyzing the prospects that exist for you. In reality, fate constantly offers you something valuable and significant, and your task is to see it, understand and appreciate it.

By thinking constructively, you contribute to the development of your intellect and artificially create for yourself the need to expand your horizons. And everyone who strives for self-improvement, personal and intellectual growth should act exactly this way, and not otherwise. Without this component, it will simply be impossible to achieve full success and happiness.


13. Physical exercise

Despite the fact that this method of developing intelligence is considered more indirect than direct, it gives excellent results.

Firstly, by exercising yourself physically, you help improve blood circulation, enrich your brain with oxygen, thanks to which it begins to function many times more efficiently, and promote the production of the protein responsible for the formation of neurons – a key element in the development of intellectual abilities.

Secondly, physical work is a wonderful way to relax and gain strength for your mind, because if it is constantly tired, the effectiveness of any work on yourself will decrease many times over.

And thirdly, physical development coupled with mental development is the most complete development that we should strive for. If you wish, you can sign up for a sports section or go to the gym, although jogging, exercise, breathing exercises and banal push-ups will do just fine.

How to Effortlessly Develop Your Intelligence Every Day


A lot depends on how well your intellect is developed. Of course, IQ cannot be called decisive in achieving success and improving your life, but if your intellectual abilities are well developed and you work on yourself, your chances of self-realization and realizing your dreams increase many times over.

Train your intellect and memory, develop a desire for improvement in yourself and your children, and, of course, improve your thinking – then unprecedented opportunities will open up before you that can make your life bright, rich and happy.