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How to educate a man in yourself?


Being a MAN is not easy. To do this, it is not enough just to be born as a male and wear trousers. You need to have courage, and it, in turn, includes certain traits of character and qualities, the most important of which are courage, patience, courage, responsibility, perseverance, self-confidence. But not every man can say that he has a complete set of all these qualities. However, this should not serve as an indicator of the "badness" of a person as a man, just some qualities need to be developed in oneself. And today we will give some very good advice on how to raise a Man in yourself.

In total, we will give ten recommendations that can be safely called universal in the formation of a real male mentality.


First, let women surround you

This is probably one of the most important recommendations, because a man by nature should be next to a woman, and if there are many women, then this is even better. Just do not misunderstand our advice, because we can hardly be called supporters of polygamy. Surrounding yourself with women means that you need to interact with them as often as possible. The fact is that in the process of communicating with women, masculinity and courage in a man are manifested most of all. If you are one of those who experience embarrassment and constraint in the society of ladies, your task is to overcome them – this will be the first step towards courage. Just try to overcome these feelings, and over time, you will come to greater self-confidence, and an understanding of how to behave, and the ability to maintain a conversation, etc.


Second – test yourself in a team sport

Team sports are very good at developing such qualities as self-confidence, competitive spirit, and the will to win. When a person aims to go only forward together with his comrades, his character is tempered and his inner core becomes stronger. In addition, team sport is a constant interaction with other people, in this case, with teammates, thanks to which even an insecure man will gradually absorb the confidence of those who are confident in himself, and this will begin to manifest itself in his everyday life. And another quality that is formed through team sports is patience, which is no less important in life.


Third – test yourself in extreme sports

Extreme sports such as skydiving, diving, rock climbing, mountain climbing, shooting, bungee jumping, skiing, rafting, etc., including even contact martial arts, allow a man to acquire one of the most important qualities for him – courage. In addition, they form self-confidence and their strengths, relieve many fears, temper internal stamina, give perseverance and determination. So, a person in whose life there is an extreme, not only soon notices how he himself is changing, but also observes positive changes in his own life.

How to educate a man in yourself?



Fourth – develop your body

It's easy to see why this is important. A priori, a man is one who has not only a strong spirit, but also a strong and developed body. But this does not mean at all that you need to make yourself a "mountain" of muscles, spending endless hours in the gym. Enough and simple systematic physical activity. You can start going to the pool, buy a barbell and a pair of dumbbells for home and work out once every two days, do exercises or morning exercises, or go jogging. Just make it a rule to do something that will develop you physically, because strength and endurance will never become superfluous. In addition, a strong man can always protect himself and his woman, and this is important, because a man is a warrior from time immemorial.


Fifth – learn how to play poker

You should not think that learning to play poker is necessary for the sake of some kind of bragging, smoky evenings at the poker table, or making money (although the latter will only benefit). Poker is a game that also develops the qualities inherent in a man, but inherent in a man of intelligence. These are such qualities as determination, prudence, patience, ingenuity, logic, intuition, the ability to control emotional manifestations and understand people. A real man should be able to control himself in any situation and manage himself, and poker is able to teach this.

How to educate a man in yourself?



Sixth – watch what you say

This point also applies to the issue of self-control. As you know, "long tongue" has always been the root of many problems, and unfulfilled promises – the reason for the loss of respect from others, even the closest people. A real man is not only always responsible for his words and keeps his promises, but also tries to speak exclusively on business. This behavior allows you to earn a good attitude from other people, and can also save you from unpleasant situations in life. And another advantage is that the ability to listen develops, which is important when communicating with other people.


Seventh – try to behave with dignity

A man in every life situation should behave exactly as a man should. This suggests that one should not commit careless acts, behave respectfully with others, especially with women, do not indulge either one's weaknesses or the weaknesses of loved ones, refrain from being rude, aggressive, disrespectful. A man should be an example for others, especially for his children, if any. If there are no children, then you need to teach yourself to behave in such a way as to become a role model for them when they appear.


Eighth – develop your mind

A man should pay great attention to the development of his mind. It's no secret that being smart and diversified is always a good thing. But a man, if he really wants to be an example for others and even for himself, must constantly develop in this regard. The development of the mind means reading books, broadening one's horizons, having a wide range of interests and various hobbies, developing the intellect and expanding the scope of personal skills and abilities, forming and training leadership skills. To have a developed mind means to have a sharp mind, a sense of humor and a large information base. By the way, it also contributes to the achievement of success in any area of ​​life.

How to educate a man in yourself?



Ninth – develop spiritually

When it comes to comprehensive development, one must take into account not only the physical body and mind, but also the inner world. In other words, you need to devote time to spiritual development. This does not mean that from now on you need to completely immerse yourself in some kind of spiritual teaching, because completely simple, non-binding practices, such as meditation, for example, are enough. Just set aside time during the day for at least half an hour to be in a state of peace and tranquility alone with yourself. This practice allows you to stop the running of thoughts, achieve some inner silence, relax, put everything in the mind “on the shelves”. It also develops intuition, improves understanding of oneself and others, helps to remain true to oneself in any situation.


Tenth – strive for success

Considering that success rates for each person can be completely different, here we can only say that a man must, firstly, have goals, and secondly, make efforts to achieve them. You must understand what is important to you, what you want to strive for, what you spend your time and effort on achieving. And if you find this, if you manage to achieve the set results, then you can already be called a successful person. And success will bring along with it financial prosperity, and moral satisfaction, and a sense of happiness.


These, in our opinion, are the main recommendations, following which any man will be able to form in himself the qualities that he should possess by nature. And then he will be called a real Man with a capital letter.

Source: 4brain.ru