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Imagination is a step into the future


Brian Tracy, one of the best business coaches in the world, spent fifteen years doing research on the vast topic of self-made millionaires. The result of this work is the book "21 Secrets of Millionaire Success", which presents the strategies and key skills of successful people. The most important skill that all outstanding people possessed was a highly developed imagination. If you still think that this is a special gift and you are not capable of creative flights, then we have news for you. You are a potential genius. It's true.

Scientists have found that the brain has more than 10 billion nerve cells that interact, communicate through complex intricacies of neurons, with a thousand other cells, creating many different combinations and combinations. There are so many options that they exceed – you won't believe it! is the number of stars in the universe.

It is a fact. We have at our disposal the most powerful idea generator that nature has given us by default.


Imagination is a universal tool for achieving a goal

“Logic will take you from point A to point B. Imagination will take you anywhere” – Albert Einstein.

The discovery of the well-known theory of relativity began with Einstein's imaginary journey on a light beam. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But, nevertheless, it was these “flights” of fantasy that led the famous scientist to a great discovery.

Imagination is a step into the future


“To successfully achieve a goal, first of all, you need a vision,” Veronika Vorship, a leader in vocal education in the Russian-speaking world.

As numerous studies show, to achieve the best results in vocal mastery, you need to start with a vivid outline of your goal.

By creating mental images of their result, the vocalist becomes more confident, effective, and mentally prepared.

By the way, professional vocalists are convinced that their success is 80% dependent on the psyche.

Let's look at another example:

Imagine you are looking for a soul mate. You already have a certain set of criteria that helps you choose, and not rush to the first comers.

Delving into the creative process, you imagine this ideal, as if on an internal screen, drawing a clear image in all details.

Your imagination, taking into account all the nuances, creates a kind of radar that will compare external images with your internal picture until you find what you want.


5 simple exercises to develop imagination


1. Shapes

Draw yourself on the inner screen different geometric shapes: a circle, a rhombus, a triangle, etc. View them from all sides. When you get clear drawings, then complicate your task: try changing the size, shape, color.


2. Thing

Choose any 3D object (apple, chair, pen, etc). Study the subject carefully, examine it from all sides. Then close your eyes and start visualizing.

Try to include as many details as possible in your inner image. Open your eyes and see what you missed. Then close your eyes again and add new elements to your picture.

Imagination is a step into the future



3. Words in reverse

This exercise can be done alone, but is more fun with a friend. The execution rules are as follows: your friend calls the word, and you read it the other way around. But! You read it mentally, without writing it down on a piece of paper or anywhere else.

If you are alone, then the execution algorithm is the same. You can invent words yourself or, for example, take the first word that comes across from a book and read it backwards in your head.


4. Da Vinci trainer

For this you need pictures. For example, it can be cutaway pictures of precious stones.

What you need to do: look carefully at the picture and name 3 images that you could see there as quickly as possible.

Important! Drop all "adulthood" and play like children.


5. Fly

You will need a friend for this exercise. Mentally draw a 3 × 3 field and put a fly in the center, also mentally. Then, ask a friend to move the fly so that it does not go out of the field.

Speaking in turn "left", "right", "down", "up". And move the fly yourself in your imaginary field. Fields cannot be drawn. If the fly went out of the field, then put it in the center and start over.

Source: 4brain.ru