How and why to train your brain

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Do any of us do morning exercises? And can everyone boast that they go for a run every day or go to fitness workouts? If you belong to this category of people, we hasten to congratulate you – your body is provided with the physical activity it needs, which means that it develops and is maintained in good condition, and your health becomes stronger. However, it is not enough to engage only in physical development, because the brain also requires training, and very, very much depends on it.

Now try to fully remember the multiplication table, multiply two-digit numbers or add three-digit numbers without difficulty. Happened? If not, then you definitely need to take the time to train your brain (in fact, you should do this anyway). To constantly keep your intellect at work, take into account the tips, exercises and online games, which we will talk about next.

However, first I would like to say a little about why the brain still needs to be trained.

  • First, it has a positive effect on memory. As you know, if it is not dealt with, it, like the brain, loses a significant proportion of its capabilities.
  • Secondly, cognitive abilities are improved, the ability to perceive and assimilate new information and master new skills.
  • Thirdly, the general working capacity of a person and his intellectual and personal potential increase.

And this is just a small list of the positive effects of brain training. But what is even more interesting is that it is very easy to restore or increase the working capacity of the brain, because there are special exercises and gymnastics for this. In order for them to have the desired effect, it is enough to devote only a few hours a week to them, since about five minutes will be enough for each lesson.

Exercise is both physical and mental, and both the brain and the body benefit from each type. Next, we'll look at a few physical workouts, a range of daily lifestyle exercises, neuroscience, tips to improve brain function, and talk a bit about online gaming. Let's start with physical exercises.

How and why to train your brain

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Physical exercise for the brain

In this block, we offer four exercises:

  1. Use an unusual hand to perform everyday activities, i.e. if you are left-handed, work with your right, if you are right-handed – with your left. Start brushing your teeth “unusually”, washing dishes, eating, fastening your belt or buttons, writing. Through this exercise, you will transfer the load from the left hemisphere to the right, which will develop creativity, creativity and innovative thinking.
  2. Walk in a new way. Everyone is accustomed to walking in this way, when the left foot is accompanied by the movement of the right hand and vice versa. To train your brain, you need to start walking differently: try to make sure that the right hand moves at the same time as the right foot, and the left hand moves at the same time as the left. It is best to perform this exercise at home, because such walking on the street can lead to ambiguous looks from passers-by.
  3. Make drawings in the air. To perform the exercise, you need to imagine that your hands are brushes for drawing simple shapes. Draw a circle with your left hand. After that, lower it, and draw a square with the right. If both elements are completed successfully, complicate the task – draw a circle and a square with both hands at the same time. It seems simple, but it is only at first glance. It will be good if you have an assistant watching you, who will point out to you the mistakes in your “drawing”.
  4. Perform cross jumps. This means that you must jump up, cross your legs in the air and land in this position. After that, you need to jump a second time, return your legs to their original position and land again. In another modification of this exercise, you need to cross your legs in one jump and return them to their previous position. For greater efficiency, we advise you to jump to the music – so both hemispheres of the brain will work faster, at the same time, physical activity will be provided. Therefore, by the way, you can combine the exercise with morning exercises.

With the help of these simple exercises, your brain will begin to work more efficiently, and its activity will be constantly maintained in an active state.

How and why to train your brain

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The next category of exercise involves making small changes to your lifestyle.


Additional brain exercises

This small block consists of five exercises:

  1. Get in the habit of giving unusual answers to simple questions, such as “what's new?”, “how are you?”, “how are you?” etc. Try to abandon stereotypes and come up with some kind of non-trivial answer to each such question. So, you can joke witty, tell small stories, insert jokes in response, etc. By approaching your answers from a creative position, you will stimulate the work of the right hemisphere of the brain, the speech center and memory.
  2. Make changes to the surrounding interior. It is possible and necessary to make a small rearrangement not only at home, but also at work. If we are talking about housing, then you can swap pieces of furniture, make a small repair in the bathroom, start using an aromatic lamp, etc. And if we talk about work, then it’s not worth any effort to put other items on the desktop, hang a couple in front of your eyes demotivators or just clean up and wipe the dust. Realize that any habit is tiring for the brain, and innovation, even small-town innovation, activates sensory perception, as a result of which life takes on brighter and more saturated colors, which in itself has a beneficial effect on brain function.
  3. Build new routes for yourself. Even if your favorite commute to work takes less time, start walking new trails. And if you dig deeper, then try to travel more and plan trips yourself, discover new places, visit attractions, exhibitions and museums. In addition to expanding your horizons, this so-called exercise develops spatial memory and even makes the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory in general, larger in size.
  4. Change your image. Everything is simple here – update your wardrobe and include clothes that are unusual for you, experiment with your hair, and if you are a girl, it will be just right to try a new make-up or change your hair color. If desired, you can even get a tattoo, at least a temporary one. As you bring newness to your experience through image changes, you will automatically adopt a new way of thinking.
  5. Develop new abilities. It is very simple to do this – you can walk around the apartment with your eyes closed, "by eye" determine the weight of things and clothes, count more in your mind, start learning a foreign language, communicate only in sign language or master the Broglie font used by blind people. By doing such unusual things, you will strain new areas of the brain responsible for sensory perception, memory, logical thinking, etc.

How and why to train your brain

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Together, this will be an excellent fitness for your brain and will provide you with an all-round development. And in addition to the exercises we have named, it is very useful to use another method under the intricate name of “neurobics”.



Let us describe only the essence of this method.

It was created by American researchers – neuroscientist Lawrence Katz and writer Manning Rubin in 1999, and then presented to the general public in their book Fitness for the Mind. It contains 65 exercises aimed at improving intelligence and memory.

The meaning of the technique lies in the fact that the performance of the usual things must be approached with maximum creativity – using all the senses, and in an unusual combination. When you are busy with the same routine activity, you most likely have a problem focusing on a new one. And if you do familiar things in unexpected ways, the brain is simply forced to create new connections between its cells and even restore lost ones.

Therefore, strive in everything, for whatever you undertake, to add something unusual. You can do this at work, at home, while shopping and even while watching TV. Show imagination and creativity, and how to do it, let it become your food for thought.

Summing up this article, it remains for us to present only a few tips on the topic of brain training and briefly talk about online games.

How and why to train your brain

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Some brain training tips

We will not delve into the topic, but we will give only a few tips that will serve you as an excellent training for memory, intelligence and overall brain performance:

  • From time to time, perform such a simple exercise: write on two sheets of paper with both, that is, with different hands. Initially, you can write the same text with your right and left hand at the same time, and then complicate the task – write different texts with different hands.
  • Take a deck of cards and sort through them all. Try to remember the order they are in. At first, this is quite difficult, so it is recommended to start with five cards, adding a new one every day.
  • Go back to the school curriculum for a while and start learning verses from it – your memory will train just fine. In addition, you will become a more educated and erudite person. Start by memorizing one new verse each week.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes a day doing arithmetic problems. Here we mean not only working with examples, but also repeating the multiplication table, mental counting, solving Sudoku, etc.
  • Learn new ways of thinking that you weren't familiar with before. For this, specialized trainings and courses are the best suited.

And the last thing we will touch on is online brain training games.


Online brain training games

Online games are the best way to develop the brain and intellect. They are popular for several reasons.

  • Firstly, their diversity is so great that anything can be developed with their help: memory, logic, attention, creativity, literacy, sense of humor, analytical and mathematical thinking, etc.
  • Secondly, thanks to the development of information and Internet technologies, these games are so interesting that it is a pleasure to play them: they are colorful, funny and very entertaining; accompanied by all sorts of pictures and illustrations; different simple.
  • And, thirdly, you can devote any amount of time to this lesson, and you can do it whenever you want – you just need to turn on the computer and go to the desired site.

As for the sites themselves with such games, we advise you to pay attention to such sites as,, and some others. By the way, on our site you can find a lot of cool games, as well as tests – they are located on this page.

How and why to train your brain

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Any of the brain training methods we have proposed will take you very little time, but the effect will exceed your wildest expectations. Exercise regularly and your brain will always be in great shape.

We wish you success and powerful intellect!