Getting ready for the new school year: tips for parents

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It is no secret that for many children and parents, the beginning of a new school year entails difficulties. Bad mood, unwillingness to do homework and get up early, complaints about feeling unwell are only a small part of such difficulties. As a result: a decrease in the level of academic performance, poor assimilation of educational knowledge and lagging behind one's own capabilities.

A few days after the start of the school year, a first grade student may lose interest in school, lower grade students often confuse letters in words and may even forget how some letters are written. New teachers, finding classrooms in high school, new subjects, and new requirements can affect a fifth grade student. Adolescence requires even more attention.

Each new school year is a new stage in the life of a child, parents, and family. Transitioning to the fifth grade, transferring to another school, moving to another city, changing teachers or new students, as well as the individual characteristics of the student, are important factors influencing the successful transition process at the beginning of each school year.

Getting ready for the new school year: tips for parents

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The right attitude is the key to success

Here are 3 steps to help you get ready for the new school year.


1. The mood of the parents

  • The first thing to remember is that the mood of the parents is passed on to the children! Therefore, you should not show your dislike for school years to children. Rather, try to remember interesting moments or unusual class hours at the beginning of a new school year. Tell us about how you looked forward to meeting your friends or your favorite teacher. The main thing is that the story must be sincere. Think well before you start a conversation. If you don’t even remember a single interesting case, do not despair, no doubt, the second parent will have at least one positive example.
  • Remain calm, your support is necessary for children.


2. Inner mood

  • Gradually return the child to the daily routine that corresponds to the study time, taking into account all circles and sections. You should not abruptly switch to early rises. The best option would be to gradually move the time by half an hour (earlier lay down – earlier got up). The less stress for the body before the start of the school year, the better.
  • Help your child to understand himself and how learning will be useful for him.
  • Reduce the time you watch TV and use your computer or tablet.
  • Help your child plan the day, including outdoor activities.


3. Intellectual attitude

If during the holidays the child did not devote time to daily activities, it's time to prepare the child for the intellectual stress that awaits him at the beginning of the school year.

  • Make time for logic games and puzzles.
  • Do a mental workout.
  • Include in the daily routine exercises for the development of motor skills and interhemispheric connections.
  • Every day, ask your child to do at least one exercise aimed at developing memory, attention, and thinking.
  • Pay attention to speech and written language.
  • If the child did not study and did not read books in the summer, it's time to give a little intellectual load. Review with your child the material from the previous school year. Remember the rules, without which it will not be possible to do in the new year.

Getting ready for the new school year: tips for parents

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Phrases that can help in a conversation with a child

  • “Now you are a schoolboy (second grader / third grader and so on)! Our pride!"
  • "So glad you're going to school! You will meet with classmates, and we are sure that this year you will learn a lot of new and interesting things!”
  • “You know, not everyone succeeds right away. But if a person tries, he will definitely achieve what he wants, and we, in turn, will be happy to help you. Get in touch if you have any problems."



It must be remembered that each child is a separate person with his own characteristics. The pace of adaptation at the beginning of the school year is different for everyone. A favorable atmosphere in the family, understanding the needs and anxieties of the child will help maintain a friendly attitude towards the school and the learning process. Help your child remember or remember all the requirements that the school makes for the student, how to behave, do not give a lot of extra work at the beginning of the school year.

Good luck and harmonious development!