The smarter a person is, the more successful he is in life. How true is this?

It is generally accepted that the smarter a person, the more likely that he will succeed in life. However, in reality, everything is far from being so clear-cut.

According to the American psychologist Daniel Goleman, the emotional development of a person is more important than his mental abilities. He's writing:

“I had a friend who, despite his outstanding mental abilities, always skipped lectures, hung around idle and barely graduated from the institute. He is still out of work... Since then, I have repeatedly been convinced that the mind itself does not bode well in life. School medalists sometimes become average students. And the holders of brilliant diplomas cannot find their place in life. This is the problem: academic knowledge does not correlate with real life difficulties. The entire education system is aimed at acquiring theoretical knowledge and completely ignores the emotional development of a person, a set of those qualities that alone give a clue to why, with the same mental abilities, one person flourishes, while the other only marks time. Emotionally gifted people have an invaluable ability to rationally manage natural abilities and education, including intelligence as such.

The smarter a person is, the more successful he is in life. How true is this?

Goleman is the author of the term "emotional quotient" (EQ). The components of this coefficient are purposefulness, the ability to subordinate one's emotions to the achievement of a goal, the ability to understand oneself, one's feelings, and the ability to empathize and help other people.

To evaluate your EQ, we suggest taking a short test. Naturally, this test, as well as others, gives only some very approximate and “averaged” answer to the question posed. In life, of course, everything is much more complicated. Therefore, do not take it too seriously, its function is rather an entertainment-auxiliary one. But at the same time, the test result is a reason to think.

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