Parents live for their children: is it true?

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“We live for children” – so or something like this, many and many parents like to say. But here, it turns out, there is a double fallacy.

  • Firstly, there is nothing good in the fact that parents live for their children – raising children can only be an integral part of a person's self-realization in this world, but by no means the main task.
  • Secondly, in fact, rarely any of the parents lives for children, but few people realize this. If such parents were completely honest with themselves, they would understand that by living for children, they thereby feed their own “Ego” (“how good I am, I live for a child, but he really is a parasite, it’s do not appreciate…").

The famous psychologist and psychotherapist Mikhail Efimovich Litvak (author of 30 books on practical and popular psychology, as well as a number of scientific articles on psychotherapy and communication psychology) writes the following in his writings:

“Parents who claim to live for their children are actually lying (without realizing it). “How can he wash the shirt properly,” says such a mother, “and the teacher will condemn me” (that is, she ends up washing the shirt for herself). I used to live for children too. There was nothing good about it. When I began to live for myself, it became easier for me and the children. All the educational impact was concentrated in one phrase: “Do not interfere with my life.”