Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

Many women are so obsessed with the idea of ​​losing weight that they are constantly trying new and new ways to lose weight. A significant part of these methods is ineffective, and some are generally unsafe for health.

Myths and facts about vitamins | Do we need vitamins

The more vitamins, the better, we believe, and, as it turned out, we are very mistaken. Are they really required by the body, is the craze for multivitamin complexes harmless, and is it possible to do without vitamins at all? In this article, we will try to understand

All About Antioxidants: Misconceptions and Facts

Interest in antioxidants is constantly growing, but most of our fellow citizens know little about these substances. In this article, we will dispel the most common misconceptions about antioxidants and provide readers with useful facts about them.

Why calcium is not good for bones

There is a popular claim that calcium is good for strong bones. On this basis, it is recommended to drink milk, consume dairy products and take calcium supplements with vitamins. You don't really need to do this...

Dieting Mistakes That Slow Your Metabolism

Often people who are inclined to try numerous "miracle" diets on themselves, begin to eat in such a way that they artificially slow down their metabolism instead of speeding it up. In the article we will consider the most common mistakes of such people.

Which sauna is more useful: infrared or conventional?

It is often said that an infrared sauna is more beneficial than a regular sauna that uses heat from a stove. In this article, we will dispel this myth in detail...

Children and pets: how to ensure the safety of the family?

Many parents are in no hurry to get pets, fearing that they will harm the health of children. What troubles really lie in wait for kids and how to make family life, if there are pets, comfortable and safe?

Myths about calcium intake

Not so long ago, doctors believed that calcium-rich foods can cause the formation of kidney stones. However, scientists managed to prove that this is not true. Read about this and other myths associated with calcium intake in this article...

Is hookah safe for health?

Many people, especially young people, consider hookah smoking harmless entertainment. Most likely, it is this erroneous opinion that serves as the starting point for the decision to try a hookah and continue to smoke it in the future.

Dangerous fitness exercises

Today, fitness is one of the most popular physical activities. Unfortunately, some popular elements of fitness complexes are not as harmless as they seem: instead of being useful, they can cause significant harm to health...

Meat broths: benefit or harm?

Most people believe that chicken broths are good for health. If many have doubts about the usefulness of meat, then meat broths are still popular. Let's look at what is the danger of meat broths...

Some myths and incredible facts about the health effects of wine

During the years of Soviet power, in the wake of the fight against drunkenness, the people formed the opinion that drinking wine is harmful to health. In the same article, we will look at several myths and many curious and incredible facts about the effect of wine on human health.

Jogging can be hazardous to your health

The expression "running from a heart attack" has long become the motto of people who maintain an active lifestyle. But is it really possible and necessary for all people, without exception, to run in order to get their portion of health, vigor and good mood? …

The impact of coffee on our health and longevity

If you love coffee and drink it regularly, your chances of living longer increase! This is supported by data from a recent large multinational study. More about it in this article

Low fat diet: good or bad?

Many people are convinced that a low-fat diet is healthy and eating saturated animal fats such as lard, beef tallow, butter, etc. is unhealthy.

Key myths about gluten and intolerance

For most people, eating foods containing gluten is not only safe, but also very beneficial. However, there are a number of myths about the negative effects that gluten allegedly has on human health...

Misconceptions about the negative effects of cholesterol

Most people are convinced that cholesterol is bad, and cholesterol always refers to cardiovascular disease. But few people know how things really are and what is the effect of cholesterol on human health.

The most famous fitness myths

Many consider fitness to be the best way to keep fit and get the dynamic loads that people who are predominantly engaged in mental work so badly need. In this article, we will present only the most famous myths about fitness...

Common misconceptions about art therapy

Psychological correction with the help of creative work has been used for a long time. However, despite the fact that the popularity of art therapy is growing, many people know almost nothing about this kind of treatment or sometimes share different misconceptions about it.

Misconceptions about the common cold

It is believed that if, walking in the rain, you get your feet wet, then this is already a prerequisite for a cold. In fact, there is no connection between a cold and wet feet, because the cause of colds is viruses. Let's take a look at some more misconceptions...

Weight loss methods and harm to health

In this article, we will look at popular myths related to weight loss. It is also interesting that some of these statements are not just misconceptions, they can cause real harm to human health.

"Passive smoking" and its impact on the occurrence of lung cancer

Without questioning the general conclusion about the unconditional harmfulness of passive smoking, it should still be noted that modern medical science refutes one of the especially dangerous properties attributed to it – the effect on the occurrence of lung cancer...

Erroneous actions in case of burns

Many people use home remedies for burns, which only aggravate the situation. From this article, you will learn what not to do with a burn and how to properly treat the burned area...

Frostbite Mistakes

Unfortunately, many of us use old methods for frostbite that only make things worse. In this article, you will learn what not to do with frostbite and what to do in case of frostbite of a body part...