Myth and Truth: 12 Myths About Mammals

In today's selection, we will dispel some popular myths about mammals.

Spiders: common myths, interesting facts

Spiders are distributed throughout the globe in huge numbers. The order of spiders includes about 50 thousand species. In today's article, we will dispel many common myths about these mysterious creatures.

Interesting facts and myths about opossums

In this article, we will dispel some myths and tell you interesting facts about opossums. In particular, consider one interesting feature of these marsupials – how they pretend to be dead.

Myths and facts about monkeys

Monkeys have long enjoyed the special sympathy of man. There are about 150 species of monkeys. Will you learn from this article? Do monkeys live only on trees, do they only eat bananas, myths about chimpanzees and bonobos, why do baboons need corns, do monkeys recognize their reflection

Interesting facts and myths about mongooses

These cute animals have become especially popular thanks to the famous tale of Riki-Tiki-Tavi. And at present, in the homes of Southeast Asia, they are often kept as guards from snakes. Today we will dispel myths and tell interesting facts about mongooses.

Myths and facts about bats

People have long had a strong antipathy towards these animals. Bats have long been an integral attribute of horror films. Today we will look at some misconceptions about bats and try to rehabilitate these animals.

Lemurs: interesting facts and misconceptions

There are more than 100 species of lemurs, which vary significantly in size, weight and appearance. They live only in Madagascar. Today we will tell readers some interesting facts and dispel a couple of myths about these funny animals.

Weasel: interesting facts and misconceptions

Weasel is the world's smallest predator. However, this is not a gentle animal, but a merciless killer, capable of strangling a goose and tearing a dozen chickens to shreds. Weasel can't stop killing, and her predatory instincts can't be turned off...

Misconceptions and facts about rats

There are about 70 species of rats in the world, there are about 14 billion of them around the globe. Rats are very prolific and successfully live wherever a person is. Myths about these rodents are no less successfully born and spread.

The most common myths about cats

Cats have been living next to people for a very long time, but this does not mean at all that we have managed to comprehend these amazing animals. Much still remains unsolved in them. There are many misconceptions about these "whiskered-striped"...

Myths and facts about ticks

Such unpleasant inhabitants of the forests, despite their tiny size, pose a serious danger to humans. In this article, we'll take a look at popular misconceptions and provide some facts about ticks...

Interesting facts and myths about kangaroos

Everyone thinks that kangaroos are constantly jumping across the endless expanses of Australia. And if you say that these animals are able to climb trees, then this will cause a smile. But the way it is... Here you will find a lot of interesting facts and myths about kangaroos...

Myths and incredible facts about cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are the best in the world at camouflage, chameleons in this regard just rest. These amazing creatures are able to quickly change their skin color to match their environment and create complex chromatic patterns...

How and why chameleons change color

The ability to change the color and pattern of the body, characteristic of all chameleons, is widely known. At the same time, many are convinced that they change their color depending on the surrounding background. This is an absolute myth and a complete fabrication...

Myths and facts about lemmings: are they really suicidal?

The idea of ​​mass suicide of lemmings is very common. It is believed that in some years, when the number of lemmings increases very sharply, the animals together rush off the cliff into the sea. Is it really?

How animals use tools

The classics of Marxism-Leninism argued that one of the most important differences between man and animals is his use of tools. Many still believe that the stick turned the ape into a man. And completely wrong...

Toads: interesting facts and misconceptions

Since ancient times, people have been hostile to these amphibians, considering toads the embodiment of everything poisoned, terrible and harmful. However, it is not. Toads are very useful for agriculture...

Common misconceptions about hedgehogs

We propose to consider the most common misconceptions of mankind about hedgehogs. Also in this article you will find some interesting facts about these familiar animals...

Interesting facts and misconceptions about the dingo

The wild dog dingo is found throughout Australia. Outwardly, it is a cross between a wolf and a domestic dog, and scientists still cannot agree on its origin...

Interesting facts and myths about porcupines

Porcupines have the longest quills of any mammal. Some of them reach a length of 40 cm and 7 mm in diameter. Many are interested in the question: are these needles dangerous and can porcupines “shoot” with them? Find the answer in this article

Major misconceptions about dolphins

Dolphins have been loved and popular since antiquity: there are many poetic tales and beliefs about dolphins and their sculptures. In this article, we will tell you some interesting facts about dolphins and dispel the main misconceptions about them...

Misconceptions and facts about geckos

Geckos are very peculiar lizards that are known for being able to move on ceilings, glass and other surfaces. Moreover, many details of the mechanism of movement of the gecko on completely smooth surfaces are unclear to this day...

Famous myths and interesting facts about camels

Perhaps due to the fact that camels are not so common in our country, and there are many misconceptions about them. Let's dispel the most famous myths and look at the most interesting facts about these unique animals.

All the most interesting about monitor lizards

Let's dispel the most common misconceptions about monitor lizards and find out interesting facts about these animals. In particular, you will learn about the smallest and largest monitor lizards, where they live and what they eat...

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